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Flying Plasma Shocker

July 14th, 2014
Score : 3.5 tolerable
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I feel kind of bad because it seems like there was a decent amount of effort put into this. It even comes with two sounds, a script, and a sample .ini

It's kind of strange how it comes with three walk directions. They're not named very well either. "plam1.bmp", "plam2.bmp", etc. So you might have to rename them. Its death image is weird because it's just the sprite down on the ground in a pool of blood. Now I know that doesn't sounds weird, but when there's more blood than the sprite could possibly hold and when it's a sprite that seems robotic in nature it becomes quite strange. It also includes graphics for two hit directions.

It's not terrible, it's just not good. It'd be hard to find a use for it, but it's something that seems like it's never been used before and that's kind of sad.