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Flying Plasma Shocker

Stickman graphics for the Flying Plasma Shocker. It uses volts of electricity to damage enemies
Released:February 6th, 2010
File Size:66.98 KB
Release Notes:This is the new Flying Plasma Shocker. This comes with the script & sounds for it.
February 7th, 2010
Score : 1.5 horrible
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Basically, if you have seen Jani the Ultimate Warrior, you will not find this to be different at all. Jani was a stick-figure. This, however, is Jani if he was a floating torso magician. This is Frogger's first file, thus, his work quality is low. (I know this stuff. ). I think, if this was a three dimensional enemy like every other graphic, aside from the tiles, this would look somewhat nice.

Other than these points, the name is pretty clever, I must say.