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November 8th, 2002
Score : 1.9 horrible
Peasant Female
This file lets you add a new weapon to a D-mod, namely fire fists.

The idea is nice, but the weapon is almost the same as the normal fist.

The test D-mod that came with the file lets you see how the fire fists work, but it looks like Dink casting a spell. So, although the readme.txt says that the graphics have been modified, they are the old ones. As is the item-ffs.c file, so nothing is actually changed. It is like Dink hitting, but with the animation of a spell.

The file is disorderly after you unzipped it. Several folders are empty, and when you start the D-mod there is no title screen since that is in the wrong folder. There are two dink.dat files, two dir.ff files, three fire folders and two story folders. A bit of a mess.

The file does not say anything about adjusting the dink.ini file, although it does say that the graphics for the fire fists should be in ‘DMODname/Graphics/Dink/Hit/Fire’. But if you make a new folder and put the graphics in that folder without adjusting the dink.ini, the graphics will not work, and this could be confusing for newbies if nothing is said about the dink.ini file.

Overall: I agree with the other reviewers.
August 25th, 2003
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant Male Australia
A nice idea, but it is a funny thing to download as the file structure in the zip is messed up. The graphis are just Dink casting a spell, but this could all still work if the right sound fx are used... and it is here that the add-on is a let down.

If you want fire fists, like this DMOD promises, just copy item-fst and change the graphics load lines and you'll be sweet.

But to make it sing, go find some burning type sound fx... and add those.

As for this file... give it a miss.

2 out of 10
June 12th, 2002
Score : 2.0 horrible
Noble Male United Kingdom
This is a very poor download. The basic idea is that Dink has a firefist spell, so when he punches his fists go on fire. This is a very simple idea, and would wrok well. Unfortunately, the idea is SO simple, it is probably less hassle to program a version yourself This would eradicate the small bugs that this file includes, and would let you make the fist better. Don't get this, make it yourself!