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Fire-Spin Spell

November 21st, 2009
Score : 8.4 good
Peasant He/Him New Zealand rumble
"Skinny Legend" 
Fire Spin is more of a summoning style spell when you really look at it; Dink summons a midget, midget runs off in a particular direction spitting fireballs in a circle around him (short distanced fireballs) and teleports away after a short distance or when he hits something.

This has a lot of potential for any Dmodder. In fact to be honest, I'm surprised I haven't seen it used yet, might have to change that

Good points:

-Each fireball only deals low damage, but the combined might of several fireballs damaging multiple enemies can be overwhelmingly powerful (against pillbugs at least).

-Each fireball is able to burn trees, so its useful for taking out a small forest in search for that magical staircase leading to a bonus cave.

-There's a LOT of room for potential for this type of spell.

-The map design for the testing area is nicely made, with ducks, boncas, pillbugs, and a couple of pigs even. Its enjoyable to go around slaughtering them.

Bad points: