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Dink's Father 1: Quest for the Scroll

January 8th, 2003
Score : 7.6 good
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Dink's Father 1 Quest for the Scroll

Dink goes to look for his father.

The Good: This is the first Dmod made by Lancemads, and as first Dmods go, this is not bad at all. Nice music is heard throughout the Dmod, as Dink goes searching for his father. A few tricks/clues along the way help Dink achieve his task.

The Bad: Nothing really new here, same old houses and such, with Dink getting a light sword right off the bat. After getting help with the firescroll, that did not want to get picked up, I found it was useful for burning one tree, ( and to throw at my 2 enemies). There were some other hardness errors, as the game would freeze on occasion. Some overlapping of pictures and you had to get the people talking in the right order or nothing would happen. I am not going to harp about the spelling errors as I figured out what was being said, anyhow.

Overall: A very good job for Lancemads first dmod, and I hope to see more Dmods of his soon.