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An example of a bad map screen from the D-Mod. One of the better looking screens from the D-Mod. 0,
August 14th, 2022
Score : 2.0 horrible
What to say about this one? The story is about Dink finding himself in a dream world, finding out he has a sister, and defeating an evil wizard.
That's all the interesting parts. It's kind of a wierd one, and not exactly in the positive sense.
The mapping is, well... bad. Some of the screens are avarage, but mostly just bad, uninteresting.
The music: there are like... maybe two tracks? Not exactly memorable.
Gameplay wise, it's boring. You get the throwing axes as your weapon, so not even the combat is interesting. And it's short.
I can't say this one is worth playing for anyone. The best things I can say: there are many far worse D-Mods out there. It feels like the author put at least some effort into this, and you can finish it.
That's all.