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Dink Smallwood FreeMap

The original map from "Dink Smallwood" (Main Game), but without all the monsters, potions, people and scripts: - Some scripts are still on map, sign and holes (caves) scripts; - All the monsters, potions, hearts, barrels and boxes (with itens inside) where removed; - Removed some crazy screens that wasn't used on the main game ("I've come to get my meat!");
Fell free to use it as you want! Enjoy!
Released:November 9th, 2010
File Size:96.72 KB
Release Notes:- FreeFix: Random story guy removed and some forgotten monsters that were on vision 2.
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November 10th, 2010
Score : 9.0 exceptional
For those people who want to make a D-Mod set in the same time, space and area as the original game, this file is something of a God-send. It is the basic Dink Map which has no sprites and enemies. Sadly, the author forgot to remove the people who appear randomly and the pillbugs at Farmer Smilestein's farm. But these problems can be easily fixed. The knights at Goodheart Castle were there intentionally so that you could get into the castle. This map has halved my D-Mod's work, since the prospect of making a map that is identical to the Dink one is scary. And if you copy the game's own map, there will be millions of itty-bitty sprites you don't want there. This is great.