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Dink Script Improvement Pack

March 21st, 2013
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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This .dmod file will demonstrate what the improvements in the script are.

It fixes/improves THIRTEEN(13) things!

Taken and summarized from the readme:

1: Variables are saved. Uses three globals instead of tons of locals.
2: Weapons and spells no longer have a possible delay.
3: Missiles don't explode on text.
4: Missiles don't explode on dying enemies.
5: Missiles don't explode on death animations of pig and ducks.
6: Missiles don't explode from the explosion of other missiles.
7: Missiles no longer go at lightning speed.
8: Diagonal acid rain stops at collision.
9: Arrows initial placement is better.
10: Hellfire placement is better.
11: Bow damage more accurate.
12: Enemies no longer play the screenlock sound.
13: Hellfire can be shot diagonally.

That's a lot of things right there. And they all work!

The readme also includes instructions on how to implement this not only in a fresh dmod, but also in the original Dink Smallwood, and a dmod in progress.

This is a super neat file with lots of nice fixes in it.