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Dink Goes Boating

Dink farted blood in confusion when confronted with the evil words of destruction.
February 6th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male
I actually tryied this mod, of TMod i should say, becuase of the forum post. Which is a great thing, i'm currently building a mod, and this thing is really helpful, my the name i thought it was some mod where where Dink goes boating . And i would never have tried it not for the person flaming it, so to that person i say thanks.

This is a TMod and i recomend it for anyone whos building a mod, it helps you out with *SO* many begginer problems. Like for exaple before this i couldn't figure out why the shelfs in my mod wouldn't just die, they'd bleed first, which is kida wierd looking.

Another reason why this Mod deserves such a high score is becuase its the first of its kind, i think anyways. Its like redink1s movie maker mod, (which is also VERY helpful for begginer mod makes) only that this is interactive.

Theres even a little playability to this mod, although i wouldn't download it on that factor alone.

This mod was great, although i did wish it went a little more in depth on a few of the scripting areas, but hey its not really a how to write script mod, hahha

Overall this was a great mod and i'd recomend it for anyone makinga Dmod for the first time, and possibly to people who didn't get a high review on the first mod they made