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Dink Goes Boating

Dink farted blood in confusion when confronted with the evil words of destruction.
November 25th, 2004
Score : 9.3 exceptional
Peasant Male
This T-mod rules! It is a T-mod rather than a D-mod, though it has a small adventure. I was thinking of instead of boats, use cars! Grand thief dink! If only i found this Tmod out when i started using dinkc.

Tutorial mode teaches you alot
Mild humor
Kill Kory!
Redink engine

In order to learn something you have to go through the whole thing. (Eg: I wanted to learn about base walks and loading Graphics and i didnt have something to just get me to that lesson.)
The lessons go too fast.

Overall: Exellent, just like every other one of Sk's dmods