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This is a .dmod file archiver. It is a GUI interface enabling people to have an easier time installing and packing DMods.

*Best download of august 2004*

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Released:December 11th, 2004
File Size:296.14 KB
Release Notes:v1.5
September 15th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
DFArc is an easy-to-use archiver program for compressing, extracting and viewing dmods. I like how the dmods have their own .dmod extension that helps searching for them (be how organized ever eventually they'll scatter all over your hard drive) but that can also be renamed to .tar.bz2 for access with any ordinary compressing utilities. (Handy when you only need a few files from a dmod) The compression method is also better than for example the common .zip and .rar

The only complaints I have are that the program doesn't ask to confirm overwrite when a dmod with the same folder name already exists, and that the dmod info page doesn't look like the one of Dink Frontend. DFArc also forces the creation of a dink.diz info file, though that's generally a good thing.

In overall, DFArc is a splendid program that makes managing dmods easier and simpler, but it could still be improved.
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