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Martridge is turned into a walking Christmas tree. From the COTPATD project.
I was experimenting and it got playable. Short, but kinda fun.
Released:August 31st, 2004
File Size:825.15 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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September 5th, 2004
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant She/Her Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Chaos by Ric

The Good: A new monster, (always exciting) a transparent house (I thought it was a bug), nifty save bots, trees to burn, money to be found, easy to level up, some wandering to be done and a “new magic spell” that can do some silly things.

The Bad: That fireball scroll kept reappearing. The adventure was a little too easy. No new weapons (unless you call the magic spell one), an empty title screen (which somehow I had thought I had downloaded wrong) and no real ending.

Overall: A nice little dmod that I am hoping that Ric uses to make a larger, longer dmod.
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