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Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas present

Dink stares at a man chopping at trees, fruitlessly Title Screen
September 25th, 2023
Score : 6.0 fair
Thid dmod is called Dink Smallwood (Jr.) in Silverpine Forest. Or 'Brovia', as it's uploaded on the Dink Network. Honestly, I think calling this just a Christmas gift to Silystra's brother is underselling the dmod, because it is a perfectly decent 15-30 minute romp by its own right. It's got good mapping, a basic but fully completable and well-narrated story, and funny 4th wall breaking signs describing Silystra's thoughts during development. It's also low bug. Probably not no bug, but I didn't encounter any problems beyond some repeating comments by Dink.

It's also got bows. As weapons. Exclusively. Silystra and/or their brother might just be the only people in the dinkiverse who actually like the horrid, slow, clunky, awkward, cantankerous, cancerous, entertainmentally challenged hold-and-release mechanic of the original game's bows. Or perhaps Silystra simply wanted to emotionally torture their poor brother? - I'm hedging my bets on the latter. There are several boss fights which are set in cramped quarters, and I found these very difficult to deal with with the abhorrent stick-launcher and its low and random damage numbers.

All in all this is an above average, but pretty basic romp. It doesn't do anything fancy and wouldn't stick out if it had been released in 2001 instead of 2021, but if you feel like the world around you is quickly going insane, a comfy little adventure might be just what you need.