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Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The Hero

September 29th, 2003
Score : 7.9 good
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Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The Hero 101A by Hance

Pro’s: A different, yet simple dmod. Walls were used as barricades also some new bits and pieces of furniture that I have never seen on a dmod. Lots of save boots disguised as the face of a Lion. Lots of people to talk to for information and if you follow the door numbers correctly, you’ll get where you are suppose to be going. Lots of warp spots, so not a lot of walking involved.

Cons: No wandering around, looking for secrets as the walls keep you from leaving. If not down in the exact order in which you were told to do, you have to go back to the last save bot. Game tends to freeze at the weirdest times, and even Dink himself froze, while the rest of the game kept going. No new weapons or magic spells. No roaming about as warping seemed to be the focal point. Some of the bad guys were too easy to kill, as they stood still or walked slowly around. Too much talking. After awhile I forgot what the whole purpose of the game was, as some did not repeat themselves, while others talked and talked and talked. Talk.then warp, talk then warp then kill bad guys. It got very repetitious in a short time.

Overall: Not bad for a first dmod if you like less walking and lots of talking.