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Adventures with Jani - Part 1

1.2 Main Menu Yay Skull Presents
February 2nd, 2019
Score : 2.0 horrible
This D-Mod sucks, but there's fun to be had. You see, from the screenshots you can see the main character's graphics are bad, but play the D-Mod and... You will laugh your ass off just by seeing how badly the character is drawn. And I can at least say while the graphics suck, at least the grammar is better than most bad D-Mods.
May 2nd, 2007
Score : 2.5 horrible
Fireballs rule. 
I have not played version 1.00 but this seriously is bad.

It is fun that the hero is a stickman,but the moves and the attacks are badly animated.First,when you move up or down the stick man has lines on and over his head(hair?)and it ridiculus.When you move Sideways Up or Downthe stickman 'flies' but has no head and is made of bold lines.Even worse, it has a writing under it.In the begginingyou actually walk over the castle walls to get to your house and then sometimes he might get stuck.In Combatm the range is VERY small too making it quite hard to kill monsters. The music is loud pop-like tunes.I actually like the story but the graphics and the 'modern' music kinda ruin it.

The Sum Up:The Graphics definetely need improvements, and the music must fit the story a bit more.

Fit For: Anyone who wans a good story packed with new graphics and pop tunes that you would add to your playlists