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Knight's Tale 2 (A)

May 4th, 2009
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
Jarvis has returned, with some dang bubble bobble music.

Story: As in part one, you play the little squirt Jarvis, who tries to save a beautiful (or not so beautiful ) girl from the Eagle Tower. The story is alot of fun, with lots and lots of humour.

Map: The map is first been set on a snowy land. Then you are in a tower, that could have been improved. There are not lots of sprites there. Then there's a Darkland that is very well made.

So, there are enough sprites in the snowy land, and in the Darkland, but Sabre should have put more effort to the Eagle Tower.

Graphics: Jarvis is cool, the troll is cool and the little guy when you enter the Eagle Tower looks fun. The rest is same old RTSoft's graphics and Mike Snyder's tiles.

Gameplay: There is not so much wandering around. You basically just walk a straight path to kill everything in your way, so you can level up for the last boss. This could seem boring, but thank god, there are lots of VERY FUNNY little cut-scenes, which can make your day. The enemies are little too easy, but that's just fine.
Also, the clone attack with last boss (ain't gonna tell who that is) is cool.

Good: Story is fine, graphics are cool, gameplay's a bit easy sometimes is fine, and the map is good (EXPECT from the inside of the tower) AND the humour is best ever.

Bad: SabreTrout keeps reminding other people with putting sprites to the map, and follows his own order... USUALLY. But in this D-Mod SabreTrout should have put more effort INSIDE the tower. There were not enough things to keep you intrested in the map. Actually there were only things that NEEDED to be there.

The gameplay's a bit easy sometimes, aswell, and you could have put a little more wandering there, but that's not really needed, though, since this is so small romp.

Overall: 8.9.
I think this is the best Knight's Tale. The D-Mod is fun, and good.

Fit for: Anyone who looks for a small, full of killing, and VERRRRRRY humorous D-Mod.