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Peasant Male United States
Theres a party in my tummy! 
I'm Billy.

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2010-03-06 20:15:14
Peasant Male United States
Theres a party in my tummy! 
I have been recently working on a three part trilogy D-Mod.

I figured I'll tell you a bit about each one.

Stone of Wonders:

A wizard, whom claims to be the cousin of the famous wizard Matridge, asked Dink to help him with an important quest. Locate and bring him back the Stone of Wonders. A stone, which is believed to give him who holds it amazing power. Dink must find the stone and give it to the wizard so the wizard may destroy the stone, so no one crooked will get it, and possibly destroy the world. Dink learns that he must defeat an ancient one, named Wongo, who guards the stone. This D-Mod has lots of surprises, and will be a lot of fun. The ending, will hopefully get some laughs.

Escape from (can't say, because it will totally give away the ending to Stone of Wonders):

Dink tries to escape from (can't say), and is confronted with a lot of difficulties. He must escape, before it's too late.

Fall of the Risen:

Dink finally escapes from (can't say), after defeating yet again ANOTHER ancient one. But the worst has come. He learns that someone, who is undeserving, has gotten the throne, and rules the world. Dink has to defeat him, before it's too late.

Sound fun? I hope so.
It will take a while, but I hope it will be out soon enough.

UPDATE: Mmkay. So, I was thinking, and any good D-Mod has new graphics. But new graphics are useless if they don't do anything right? Well, I thought up an idea about a useless-non-useless graphic.

The idea I was thinking of was a cd-player. You buy it, and you get a starting cd, which has music on it. You equip the cd-player and you're able to put on whatever song you want. (that's on the cd, of course). When you buy it, you get one starting cd with music by Queen, or the Beatles. Whatever one.

You can get more cds on your journey which you can play, (up to 10.) and you can change cds by pressing 'c'. I thought this would be fun to do. Any music ideas?

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