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Been playing Dink for a couple of months now again, after I briefly looked into the game a couple of years ago (I wasn't 'mature' enough for it, I suppose).

I like playing Dink or Dink-alike RPG's and reading fantasy, when I'm not too busy.

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2006-05-23 15:21:19
I'm trying to get started on this dmod, but I can't figure it out.

Where, for instance, can I get the alk nuts? The only tree I see in the beginning is in the screen where I meet Ridge, but he takes me along immediately, so I can't explore there.

Then, after I've left the graveyard, all I find are empty houses that I cannot search, some dragon cultists that I cannot talk to, and one girl Laura that doesn't have anything really interesting to say.

What? Where? How? When? *totally befused*

Just got a little further. One question though: the pillbugs that I kill, or this strange little green, pulsating 'I' only gives me 'armour' point (?!) but no experience. Is that supposed to happen?

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