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I'm the new guy who comes out of nowhere and tries to do somewhat big things. Well, actually, I'm not so new to Dink. I've even looked at the Dink Network a lot in the past years. But I was always a lurker! But any Starcraft player knows not to underestimate them...

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2013-11-10 09:43:54
What you say about dialogue sounds intriguing... Does this mean that, if I go to a village I've previously been to, for example, there might be new things to see? That would be awesome, because I'm always disappointed when I visit an old location late in the game, and people are still going on about the witch I killed at the beginning or something -- rather than having anything new and interesting to say.

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The first major area of the game contains three bosses. There's a character at the start of that area. I assume everybody will talk to him right away, but he's got a different chunk of dialogue if you wait to talk to to him until after beating one or two bosses, and yet another chunk of dialogue if you don't talk to him until you've beaten all three. Actually, there's even some different lines in that segment depending on something else you might have done. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. I've got more crazy stuff like that elsewhere, although that's probably the most far-out example.

optional dialogue is definitely something that makes a game feel more alive. Although I must admit, if he is in broad view I doubt anyone will pass him up without talking to him unless they have a reasonable suspicion that it will change something.

Also, yes, I would call your DMOD an epic if it turns out the length you mention.

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