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I'm the new guy who comes out of nowhere and tries to do somewhat big things. Well, actually, I'm not so new to Dink. I've even looked at the Dink Network a lot in the past years. But I was always a lurker! But any Starcraft player knows not to underestimate them...

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2014-04-28 07:36:39
For me, I believe my game developing started out with RPG Maker (when I was quite young!) and quickly turned to Game Maker and Dink Smallwood. From there I started checking out some languages such as the various C iterations and Python. I didn't get particularly good at the aforementioned languages before I decided to just stick with Game Maker. And that's what I've been using since then (other than my occasional dive back into DinkC).

The problem with an interest in game development isn't learning a language, it's getting the assets to build an actual game. Sure, you can pick up some amateur graphics here and there on the web, but it will either be illegal to use them or not suit your particular project.

The programming itself is also a huge asset. For example programming a big game project such as an RPG or a game like Civilization can be a massive amount of work, not even including any graphics or other assets. This is true even when you start from a base engine. This is why the top programmers in big companies get paid a lot. Whether or not the programming is really hard for a particular project mostly depends on what kind of project it is. Programming intelligent real-time AI can be very hard for some types of games for example...

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