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Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
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2020-03-22 08:10:00
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 


I have a 'Making Of' file.

I will share it here, to keep espectancy up!

it has only very minor spoilers

I decided to make a log, so that I can share my madness.

First log entry.

I have been working on An Ancient Voice I: A Tale Of Four Sorrows for a few weeks, and with big help from everyone in TDN and beyond(specially SlipDink) have managed to set myself up:
I have a Big Empty Map, since my FreeDinkEdit makes my map horrendously large.
I have the music system (hopefully) working.
I have 71 scripts(three of which are only planned.)
I have a Demo! The first Dream.
I have 34 midis, might add more.
I have a nice title screen. Made my own title, taking the Dink smallwood sign from SOB, and changing the title. I took Superwolfman's button pack and recolorized it.
And great hopes!

Day one:

Made a full day of work placing invicible sprites(type 15):facepalm:

Hope this is not a bad omen.

Day six:
Bad omens indeed. Due to procrastination and RL things, i havent worked on ATOFS.

Today i fixed the invicible sprites, and discovered that on day -1 i had placed a whole day of sprites with the savebot script. *SIGH*. I cant fix this even if i change the script name from savebot to savebots. weird.

I kinda forgot this txt file for the last weeks. I built most of the map, got all base scripts worked out. still haven't done any of the storylines.

I made the first part of the game, before everything splits up. added a nice new spells for pyromaniacs, pretty common hyper fire thing, but i hope it has a nice spin to it. hehe.

Ugh, the spell is no good, foud an instance where it crashes the game.

Fixed, just forgot some unfrezes() around the spell.

Added yet another .midi, not sure if i will even use all of them.

made the first part of the first storyline.

made a new section of the map, where the middle of the first storyline happens, a bit big but meh.

Damn I again forgot to update a few days. I finished the first storyline, then mostly remade it again. the 'new' part of the map is not used, might use it for storyline 2.

Nope, Im not going to use that part of the map for the second storyline, since i already finished it and is my favorite one of all four. not gonna change it.

part three is halfawy done. I used the 'useless new' part of the map.

Added a secret path to a secret ending.

Added some kind of invisibility spell. Also a whole village seems deaf as they cant hear dink smashing their houses and walking next to them. hmm artistic license.

part three finished. added the pig secret.

im having real trouble with storyline four.

I split it into two, with similar endings, although one leaves dink happy, the other one doesnt...



HE GOES BY THE NAME OF: Lord Silberfarben

but really I kind of added him to all storylines yet, and will add him to the next ones.

Final storyline done. this one might be hard to find, but worth it.


Im just waiting for a few dink sprites a friend of mine is making. it will take a few weeks. will review and test everything. already got someone to beta test it too.

hmm, changed some of the starting parts of the quest.

still waiting.

so that is it. Probably about a week till I upload it
with testing and all.

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An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four SorrowsD-Mod, EpicGood 8.4March 31st, 2020

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