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2007-06-07 00:43:35
Medievil Swearing? I have been using some. Words like Zounds! And exclaimations like Great Zeus!

But Striker is on to something. I can well imagine the astonished looks on the faces of local street urchins if I were to lay onto them with Shakespearian verbosity.

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Marco PoloD-Mod, RompGood 7.5July 14th, 2007
Attack of the Mutant VeggiesD-Mod, RompGood 8.0June 28th, 2007
Picnic PerilsD-Mod, RompFair 6.8March 1st, 2007
Dink Goes BeachcombingD-Mod, RompFair 5.5January 8th, 2007

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Gread Piece of Work WinDinkeditNormalExceptional 9.9January 13th, 2007