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2009-09-15 19:50:06
Are you referring to the 'free ranged animals have more chance to get diseased due to spreading germs in the fresh air?' I know that was a topic a while ago... is that what you mean by safe?

If you are, that's a mismatched idea. If you'd put all the industry-animals outside, they are likely to get more diseases, because their immune system is very low, due to the high doses of antibiotics they get, even if they're not sick. That's also the reason why those animal diseases can spread so easily, the virus has become resistant to the antibiotics.

Animals who are not injected with antibiotics during their whole lifes (and yes, you will get those antibiotics into your body when you eat this meat too) won't risk any more chance (or even less) than the cooped up industry animals.

I agree with Chris, free ranged meat is much more healthy for you and the animals, and it's way better for the environment, since the meat industry takes up more than 15% of the world's pollution problem.

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