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2009-05-22 12:24:36
Try to befriend her by simply talking to her, maybe you'll soon find out she's not as cool as you thought.

If she is, and she doesn't mind you hanging around as well, keep being her friend. Try to find something you both like and propose to do that thing once. It doens't matter if there are other friends of her (or you) as well, it is about spending time together. You may show her signs of interest, like saying she looks nice etc, but don't overdo it. Keep it sweet and simple.
Eventually she will break up with her boyfriend (for that is what usually happens) and you'll be there to pick up the pieces. And since you've been such a good friend to her, you'll both live happily ever after together!

There's only one downside: if she doesn't break up with him, you'll will probably just be wasting time. So keep your eyes open in the meantime! Anyway you might obtain a good friend

Good luck!

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