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The Right Spell for Dink, but Wrong Spell for the Wizard
July 17th, 2009
Score : 8.0 good
This is a great DMOD for a beginning dinker, and I really enjoyed playing it.

You land in a small wintery village, where you have to do some chores for you old granny. Boooring, you might think, but they're actually real fun to do, and all have a different approach for getting the job done. And just when you thought doing some chores was all it took, you have to save the day as well. Ah, some good ol' savin' them day. As Marpro said, because the village is so small, you find your way around easily, which is defenitely a good thing.

No new graphics, but that doesn't matter much, since the old graphics are used very well! Music could be better though, the main theme is getting really annoying after a while. Who listens to Krezip anyway?

The ending was nicely done, with the seperate endings, which makes the game more itneresting. Overall, the game is pretty funny (I really liked the dock cleaner )!

Guess that's it I thought it was cool. If you just want to play for a short period, your time is well spent with this DMod