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2002-08-07 16:14:35
hi, yet another question about dinkc that I couldn't find an answer to in tutorials. Simply, is there any way to 'stack' the booleans in if statements? (like using && or || in C++) sorta like you can in for choice statements.

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DmodrunMiscellaneous, FrontendHorrible 1.0August 12th, 2002
Vagabond's Quest: Dungeon of DespairD-Mod, UnfinishedFair 5.0June 18th, 2000
Island of the GiantsD-Mod, QuestFair 5.9October 2nd, 1999
SlimesD-Mod, RompFair 6.9March 11th, 1999

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Okay Dinky Dimensions 1: FIATFeaturedGood 8.3August 9th, 2002