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2003-07-06 01:38:32
Peasant Male
"I have 3 legs dammit" - WC to redink1 via ICQ. "wrong window!" arrived a few seconds later, much to redink1's relief. hehe...

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Computer VirusD-Mod, RompFair 5.1June 18th, 2003

Blue has written 4 reviews

Well Computer VirusNormalGood 7.3July 13th, 2003
Well Ghosts of the Cast (The)NormalTolerable 3.0July 9th, 2003
Well Revenge of the PigsNormalTolerable 3.0June 13th, 2003
Dink Smalwood- a Young Pig Farmer Dink SmallwoodNormalExceptional 9.8June 9th, 2003