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Poll #Poll QuestionVotes
323.Have you played Stone of Balance redux yet?22
322.Did your read the DinkC reference?257
321.Vaccination status?85
319.We're back!110
318.Current status?95
317.What is the correct way to pronounce the current year77
316.Have you checked our discord?51
314.What's the worst kind of fart?61
313.Is it cold right now?26
312.What do you think of blue monday?28
311.All I want for Christmas is:27
310.Do you watch esports?25
309.What's your favorite voice assistent?19
308.Can you come up with a plot twist?100
307.Welcome in 2018!66
306.Are you popular right now?29
305.I am not a robot138
304.Have you ever written a review on the Dinknetwork?32
303.How much attention do you give to people's tagline?15
302.What do you think about the bloop the fish contest?18
301.X marks the spot:53
300.What are you going to give for Valentine's day?37
298.Favorite color of the rainbow?39
297. What will you do now that Trump has been elected president?37
296.Favourite noble gas?59
295.Are you hyped for the paralympics?27
294.What do you think about Pokémon Go?54
293.How would you prefer COTPATD the book?31
292.Have you ever tried making a DMOD?18
291.There should be free lunch!16
290.Favourite cardinal direction?23
289.What's your Panamese off-shore company called?23
288.Past, Present or Future?18
287.What do you think about terrorists?34
286.What do you think about march?30
285.What do you think about Virtual reality?25
284.Are you celebrating Valentine's day?23
283.How's your new year's resolution working out?18
282.Do you ever use semicolons?15
281.Happy New Year!36
280.Do you want more of the same?15
279.Which of the following is the most evil?32
278.Is it time for a new poll?25
277.Flame war?65
276.Best part of the poll?24
275.Are you going on vacation?18
274.What's the solution?25
273.Are you into digitally distributed games?23
272.How were you acquitted recently?18
271.Have you recently checked the upcoming DMODs list?23
270.What do you do for a living?41
269.What adjective best suits Dink?19
268.Should we abolish Slovakia?32
267.My heart is made of:23
266.What do you do to prevent being beheaded?46
265.How impressed are you that CocoMonkey played all the DMODs?23
264.Did Santa visit you this year?55
263.Is it time for another organized chat?30
262.Would you watch a DMOD being created on Twitch?40
261.What do you think of our new contest?27
260.How often do you vote in the poll?18
259.Should there be limit to bananas?35
258.Should DMODs be made differently today compared to the past?30
257.When did you last check the upcoming D-Mod list?25
256.High or low?21
255.Are you going on a vacation?30
254.An epic is:53
253.Have you contemplated starting your own dragon cult?27
252.1 + 122
251.Best snack?23
250.Have you tried your hand at making a DMOD?30
249.Quest for Dorinthia III demo19
248.How do you prefer ducks?35
247.Do you find stars interesting?33
246.How much of you still believes the pictures on the Dink Squad are up to date?29
245.Food is to be:42
244.What's your occupation?37
243.Do you have Twitter and/or Facebook?35
242.What do you think of the theme for the current contest?31
241.Do you have any new year resolutions?39
240.Do you ever use the Dink Solutions?36
239.Do you like RPG games (other than Dink)?57
238.Do you enjoy 'Crazy Old Tim plays all the DMODs' as much as everybody else?41
237.Best length for a DMOD?57
236.Bomb Syria?35
235.When did you play Dink for the first time?49
234.Are there any upcoming DMODs you're looking forward to?54
233.Is it summer where you live?22
232.Food should not be:47
231.What is your feeding behaviour?46
230.Favorite Undead species?56
229.How do you befriend a potato?41
228.Did you behead Ethel's duck?54
227.Salt or Pepper?62
226.Best part about Easter?43
225.Favourite number?57
224.What is your Dink Smallwood new year's resolution?79
223.Has the world already ended where you are?53
222.Political orientation?39
221.Did you play the Throwback contest entries?47
220.Do you like game-threads?48
218.What do you think of 'Let's Play's?48
217.Favorite direction?38
216.Did you try Historical Hero 2 already?44
215.Best use for a knife49
214.What is the color of your eyes?66
213.Do you have a soda machine in your basement?37
212.Have you checked out the FreeDink project?43
211.Excitement is overrated33
210.Should other DMOD makers be allowed to finish abandoned DMOD series?56
209.Do you want to enter the throwback contest?46
208.Should other DMOD makers be allowed to finish abandoned DMOD series?80
207.Most fearsome monster?56
206.You see a tree, what do you do?54
205.Who embodies laziness best? 30
204.Boncas are:39
203.Do you smoke?75
202.Best place to buy food?63
201.Favorite form of transportation?75
200.Favorite sock for Christmas?48
199.In December there should be:47
198.The Dinknetwork needs:113
197.Favorite Stonebrook resident?68
196.The lack of DMODs in recent years is because:97
195.Do you like fighting sports?39
194.The swear filter is:57
193.Do you like sport?53
192.The annual noobfest:47
191.When were the best games created?44
190.Which of these is your favorite Dink sprite?111
189.Are bananas and pizza a good combination?37
188.Do you care about cross-platform compatibility?45
187.Are you coming to the Dinkermeet?50
186.Sleep is:72
185.Best title for a carnage DMOD?37
184.Best prize for the Carnage contest?84
183.Which of these sites would you like to come back most?50
182.Favourite thread?34
181.Blood or gore?94
180.Best Dinknetwork feature?42
179.Favorite fruit?49
178.The most annoying limitation in Dink is the maximum amount of:40
177.I spend my Dink time:52
176.Happy new year?65
175.Most important Christmas attribute?52
174.How normal are you?91
173.What should be featured on the dinknetwork emblem?50
172.Best new haircut for Dink?63
171.Worst kind of spam post?53
170.Which version of Dink do you use?59
169.At the end of the rainbow there is:56
168.What do you think of the Dink Wiki?35
167.Do you like books?81
166.Which language would you like to learn?74
165.Favorite musical instrument?36
164.Favorite musical instrument?39
163.Food is best:58
162.How were the contest results really decided?41
161.How is this year's n00bfest?43
160.How important is backward compatibility for a new version of Dink?51
159.Should there be a version 1.09 soon?56
158.Why does Ethel have a beard?84
157.Coffee or tea?67
156.Most peaceful title for a DMOD?57
155.Should we quote people more often?57
154.How many of the 'upcoming DMODs' will actually be finished?66
153.Any complaints about this poll?38
152.Most annoying Dinknetwork habit?63
151.What was the worst glitch you ever saw in a DMOD?70
150.I like food:65
149.What is approximately Dink's age in the original adventure?103
148.Best season?65
147.Are you developing a DMOD?78
146.Favorite ammunition?78
145.How long should polls stay up?50
144.Favorite Dead Dragon Carcass cult line?88
143.Most anticipated DMOD this year?66
141.When will you vote in this poll?61
140.Favorite property of a banana?64
139.Dink is coming to the iPhone!78
138.Is an MMO version of Dink a good idea?87
137.New year's resolution?69
136.Are you ready for Christmas?70
135.Do bears crap in the woods?56
134.What age where you when you joined the Dinknetwork?72
133.Worst way to wake up?68
132.Preferred length for a DMOD?52
131.Favorite music genre?56
130.Best form of goverment?54
129.Do you visit the Dinknetwork message board?67
128.Best extra feature in a DMOD?50
127.Do you read reviews before downloading a file?56
126.Most disturbing ingredient for a salad?57
125.Should there be more articles?48
124.Should 'Tal' be a voting option in the poll?47
122.Favorite forum?39
121.Which dance should be the Dinknetwork's folk dance?59
120.Favorite Arthurian legend?48
119.What is reality?55
118.What is your contribution to the annual n00bfest?56
117.Best kind of food?110
116.Have you checked the chatroom?63
115.Why are you here?77
114.You find a dragon carcass, what do you do?105
113.What animal gives the best kind of meat?88
112.Most important element of a DMOD?86
111.What causes the recent increase in released files?62
110.Why has only one new DMOD been released this year?40
109.I like water:80
108.How old are you?103
107.What's your annual income40
106.The end is nigh!68
105.First thing on your mind when you see a banana?65
104.Favorite 'paranormal' ability?33
103.Favorite kitchen utensil?93
102.Which operating system are you using?87
101.Best title for a DMOD:86
100.The recently appointed staffmembers are:56
99.Prefered mapeditor?52
98.Favorite christmas activity?51
95.Boxers or Briefs?148
94.You choose to dance naked in front of the foul creature. Which dance do you choose?71
93.You choose to dance naked in front of the foul creature. Which dance do you choose?359
92.Scouting foolishly, you open a long-neglected door only to incur the wrath of a foul creature. The crazed beast comes for you. Your move:165
91.When is the last time you played Dink (or a D-Mod) for fun?684
90.What's up?76
89.Do you think there will be any new D-Mods released during the rest of the year?180
88.The new web site design...152
87.Never gonna...83
86.Favorite Musical Instrument?236
85.Banana or Pineapple?312
84.Back to school82
83.What browser do you use?109
82.The Coolest Musical Instrument Is:71
81.I celebrate:134
80.Who would win in a fight?71
79.Do you have finals?47
78.How many hours a week do you work?49
77.When it comes to soda companies, I like:47
76.Who does Tal most closely resemble?54
75.On average, how much sleep (in hours) do you get per night?74
74.Favorite Mythical Creature?54
73.Do you have a facebook?64
72.Should you check out the IRC chat?26
71.What is your favorite subject?45
70.Which came first, the chicken or the egg?67
69.Favorite flavor?46
68.Primary mode of transportation?44
67.How did you find out about us?53
66.Current level of education?92
65.Who is the hottest person on the DN?14
64.Favorite form of fine art?57
63.Scariest Dinker1
62.Scariest Animal226
61.How lazy are the staff?20
60.Were you upset that the last poll was not changed in quite some time?276
59.Do Dinkers whine too much about the lack of new polls?1
58.Preferred 'Dink Module' abbreviation?429
57.Favorite poll?77
56.What are you doing for Halloween?110
55.I like gravy:146
54.Interactive Stories:45
53.Never Ending Stories:46
52.How often do you click the Amazing Advertisements?82
51.Favorite poll option?23
50.Relationship Experience?43
49.Do you use reviews to decide what D-Mods to play?78
48.What accents the verisimilitude of your vernacular?57
47.What size is your banana?94
46.Battle of the Trilogies!!!229
45.Why is SimonK taunting us with Necromancer on the forums?46
44.Is the new server better than the old one?34
41.Why is redink1 resigning as webmaster in a few months?89
40.The character Dink Smallwood is120
39.The lack of files recently is due to:156
38.Coke or Pepsi - what's your preference?158
37.How involved are you on our Message Board?56
36.How often do you visit The Dink Network?118
35.Favorite infrequent or dead article?59
34.Favorite Underappreciated Game Platform?108
33.Favorite Snack?114
32.New Year's Resolution?117
31.D-Mod you want to be finished the most?74
30.Revenge is a dish best served53
29.What music genre do you listen to most?78
28.Suggest a poll?30
27.Trick or Treat?42
26.Favorite Entertainment Genre?47
25.Guilty Pleasure?77
24.Favorite Color?57
23.If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?74
22.What level of schooling are you attending this year?66
21.Scariest picture on the Dink Chat Stats Page?49
19.Most salivating feature you want added to the Dink engine?258
18.Best Title for an Evil Hero D-Mod?91
17.Favorite Superhero?67
16.Favorite Cereal?49
15.Should WC Leave?73
14.Which of these is the best ever cartoon series?110
13.Would you like to see AskTal back?52
12.Favorite non-Dink RTSoft game?61
11.Are you going to donate funds so the file mirror can stay?42
10.What Forum would you like to see added?37
9.Favorite Message Board Forum?26
8.Why are you a Dinker?62
7.Favorite non-Dink RPG world?117
6.The poll should be changed:56
4.Dink Smallwood The Movie, who should play as Dink?45
3.Should people be banned? (rule breaking)17
2.Favorite bread?28
1.Most desired Dink Network feature?29