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Updated D-Mods: Bloop the Fish Contest Entries

Each of the Bloop the Fish Contest D-Mods had several bugs, and they have all been updated.

Skull's 2001: A Bloop Oddyssey
  • Fixed a game breaking bug that had somehow happened when packaging the initial version.
  • Fixed a bug with the shopkeeper's save menu, that could allow you to cheat.
Bluedy's Another Fish Named Bloop
  • I fixed the speed of the dialogue at the end and some problems with it overlapping.
  • Every single problem that has been addressed in the voting segment of the bloop contest have been fixed!
  • This should hopefully be the final version. And this time there is no save file either. So this is truly the cleanest, most polished and immersive version yet!
redink1's Bloop's Purpoise
  • v1.08 compatibility fixes:
    • Game no longer crashes after introduction
    • New font colors now correctly set
    • Midis now stop when acquiring pearls
    • Last pearl text now displayed
    • Text displayed even if fade down doesn't work
  • Pearl dropped by boss cannot appear within rocks
  • Corrected a couple typos