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Silent Protagonist Contest - Results!

The votes have been counted! It didn't take very long.

The winner of the Silent Protagonist Contest is...

(There would be a drumroll here but silence is more appropriate)

redink1 with Cast Awakening Part 5: Revolution

See the comments for more details.

In second place, with one vote, comes megadogV2's Silence, closely followed by Dinkgon Warrior by CocoMonkey and MsDink.

Only one voter made any comments on their choice. They shall remain not very anonymous:

For me, the start of Silence felt really special. I thought I knew what was going to happen, and then the drill happened and almost came out a bit worse. The proceeding parts were also good, and felt polished for a first-time entry, but it started feeling less special as time went on (collecting gold for the house started to feel like a chore), and it ended too soon.

It took me a few tries to get into Dinkgon Warrior (I really didn't care for the combat system at all, even playing it in 2000 mode), but once I got into it, I started having some fun. Killing enemies, running back to town, upgrading weapons. The feedback for the combat sequences wasn't great (it didn't 'feel' like combat, even turn-based old-school combat). It was like the opposite of Silence (which I loved at first, but that diminished a bit the more I played it, where Dinkgon Warrior I hated at first, and started to like it the more I played it)

But, overall, Silence fit the spirit of the contest better than Dinkgon Warrior, and that intro and the world it started to build... wow.