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Recent Release Rumble Q4 2012

The Recent Release Rumbles haven't been very 'recent' recently... We have some catching up to do!

Anyway, before we get around around to the now due RRR Q1 2013, we need to finish off 2012.

Thanks to Skull, here is the somewhat unexciting Recent Release Rumble of Q4 2012!

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Well, guys. It's an evident fact that the Dink Community is starting to get old. Pretty much 15 years has passed since our hero from Stonebrook left for his first adventures, whether it was stopping a dragon carcass worshipping cult, collecting some AlkTree nuts, or simply beheading his neighbour's pet duck. After that, it has entirely been up to us fans of this game. Us Dinkers have kept the community alive, building new adventures and developing the Dink engine further than ever thought possible. Truly, we must be one of the more strong, long-lasting Internet -situated communities around today.

But the Dinkiverse is getting old, as said, and so we're expected to have more and more quiet periods on this website. Sadly, the end of last year was one of these quiet periods.

In the Recent Release Rumble Quarter 4 of 2012, only two new files were released. One being Teleporting Monsters! by Mister Geraldsummer and the other one was a new song called I'll Keep Playin' Dink, from our resident cookie stealing ninja, Robj.

Both of these files will automatically make it to the DOTY 2012, which should be posted soon enough!

Let's give a round of applause to both these guys for doing their best to keep our beloved pig farmer's community alive, and for also giving the site some fun energy with their uploads, even during these quiet, tough times.