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Recent Release Rumble Q2 2012 Results

After a tense and exciting contest, with votes pouring in until the very last second, here are the results of the second Recent Release Rumble of this year!

This time, we got 5 whole votes!

D-Mods were not voted for though as only one was released, so congrats to Bill Szczytko for winning with Quest for Dorinthia: Special Edition!

Here's the voting results:

Non D-Mod files:
2nd place: (2 votes, 40% of the votes)
Key Codes for Dink Excel spreadsheet by Talon65442

1st place: (3 votes, 60% of the votes)
Prelude MP3 by Joshriot and Scratcher

And as always, the winners get a mention in the files and are entered into the Download of the Year.