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New File: Dink Smallwood v1.08 - Release Candidate 7

Dink Smallwood v1.08 has been sadly plagued with many, many, many problems. Performing 'simple' updates created submarine bugs, which caused unexpected ripples. Additionally, some of my changes weren't of the best quality. Yet, throughout it all, there have been a few Dinkers who spotted these problems, and helped make 1.08 seaworthy. I truly thank everyone who reported any issues, even if they turned out to be nothing.

As before, this is a release candidate, which means that if no bugs or errors are found in the next week or so, this will be the final version.

So, if you find something that doesn't seem to work quite right, and it isn't listed under 'Known Problems', please post a reply to this thread, even if you've told me about the same problem before.

Full Install - RC7 (15.3 MB)
Patch - RC7 (1.5 MB)

For a full list of changes since Release Candidate 6, please view the comments.


* Dink: Fixed bug where the game could occasionally crash if there were a lot of sprites on the screen.
* Dinkedit: Fixed a bug where the editor would crash when loading certain D-Mods or viewing the sprite library.
* Dinkedit: The icon has returned (it was missing from 1.07 through RC5).
* DFArc2: Properly fixed bugs related to D-Mods not extracting properly if they contained files without any content.
* DFArc2: The icon has returned within the program (it was missing for the past couple release candidates).
* Credits: Neil Troughton properly credited.

Known Problems

* Fades may be slow in true-color mode even if you have fairly recent hardware. Most people seem to be lucky.
* Dinkedit has, and forever will, crash if you type in really big numbers. You should know better.
* Fades may rarely turn a 'mauve' color in full-screen mode, and be slower than normal.