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Awards: Recent Results

The victor of the January 2006 Download of the Month was none other than gamehampe's WinDinkedit Plus!. Congratulations.

There was a tie for the February 2006 Download of the Month, where Carrie's Dink Zorro graphics shook hands with SimonK's Video Tutorial on using Warps.

In the Miscellaneous File of the Year - 2005 voting, the enigmatic Mr. None tied with joshriot's Barbeque Flamethrower. joshriot was unavailable for comment, but Mr. None released a press statement, in which he said '...'. Deep words, Mr. None.

The voting in the Development File of the Year - 2005 was heavily contested, with SimonK's WinDinkedit Introduction video tutorial squeaking by with the win. Ooddly enough, of the 10 options that were voted for, SimonK created 7 of them.

And, finally, the D-Mod of the Year - 2005 goes to metatarasal's The Scourger! It won easily against all competitors, with a hefty 45% of the vote.

That's all for now. Join us again in a few years when I get the DOTM for March 2006 up-and-running.