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Mimifish says, "This is only a trailer. However, it is about 11 minutes long.
Since I am planning to make a quite complicated DMOD as my first work, I am afraid that (even a Demo version) it might take forever to finish the mod. So I decide to let the trailer go public first.
Please send me your commends and suggestions about the trailer and the main game. I would be happy to put your story ideas in my DMOD as a side-quest."
Released:July 2nd, 2002
File Size:1.71 MB
Release Notes:Trailer1.1
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January 12th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: In this trailer the intro to the full D-mod is explained. Dink is summoned to the King who tells him a new Ice Age is coming and that professor Einstein will explain what can be done about it.

Map and graphics: There are only a couple of screens, but that suits the trailer well. There are several new graphics that look good. The title screen looks real nice, but the two teleporters on it seem a bit out of place.

Music: The midi’s are good, but there are too many for the intro.

Good: The very beginning of this trailer is done real nice. The thunder, lightning and snow are very good. Although a bit long, the plot is very well explained and that is always much better than a D-mod without any explanation at all.

Not so good: You can not read the text the knight and Dink are saying while they are on their way to the castle.

Overall: A very well worked out trailer.

Fit for: If you want to see a good trailer.
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