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2003-07-30 13:22:58
Peasant He/Him Australia
Hmmm, something has gone wrong... 1) you should always get the riddle option until you've answered it. And 2) I thought it was too hard to walk around firewood without the armour. Hmmmm.... if you have that saved game, zip it up email it to me at and I'll take a look, as I'm curious as to what is going on. Other than that, start again if you want. You need the ice armour later on... to talk to the Ice Queen.

SimonK has released 42 files

Stone of BalanceD-Mod, EpicExceptional 9.5July 21st, 2024
Creeping Sands (The)D-Mod, RompGood 8.5July 18th, 2024
Pilgrim's QuestD-Mod, EpicExceptional 9.7June 14th, 2024
Dink Goes BoatingD-Mod, Development, RompExceptional 9.4November 5th, 2006
Video Tutorial: WarpsDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.4February 26th, 2006
Video Tutorial: Hardness EditingDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.3December 14th, 2005
Video Tutorial: WinDinkedit IntroductionDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.4December 10th, 2005
Pilgrim's Quest - Female GoblinDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.7September 21st, 2005
Pilgrim's Quest - Misc SpritesDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.9September 21st, 2005
Green, Yellow, Orange Potion BonusesDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.0September 21st, 2005
Necromancer TeaserMiscellaneousN/AMay 3rd, 2005
Mutant KittyDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.5March 29th, 2005
Moa - Female Winged GoddessDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.0February 28th, 2005
Legend's Tale DragonDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.0February 28th, 2005
Fiery PhoenixDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.5February 23rd, 2005
GryphonDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.5February 23rd, 2005
Green WallsDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.8February 23rd, 2005
DebrisDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.4February 13th, 2005
Evil HousesDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.1February 13th, 2005
Pilgrim's Quest SourceDevelopment, SourceExceptional 9.0January 3rd, 2005
Initiation TrailerMiscellaneousExceptional 9.0October 1st, 2004
Church of Red Dragon IntroductionMiscellaneousGood 8.0September 19th, 2004
Belgotha GraphicsDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.4August 22nd, 2004
DinkC Reference (Windows Help File)DevelopmentExceptional 9.6April 2nd, 2004
Banana WeaponDevelopment, Miscellaneous, GraphicsGood 8.8February 16th, 2004
Coloured Blood Pack 1Development, Miscellaneous, Add-OnGood 8.6February 10th, 2004
ProgenyD-Mod, MiscellaneousFair 5.7February 8th, 2004
Alternative SavebotDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.9November 24th, 2003
Dink Goes Boating Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.8November 24th, 2003
Spike GraphicsDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.5October 18th, 2003
Green Axe Knight Development, GraphicsGood 8.6March 24th, 2003
Force Field GraphicsDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.2March 24th, 2003
Pilgrim's Quest Enemy Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.3February 23rd, 2003
Pilgrim's Quest Blobs Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.9November 12th, 2002
Grass to Pavement/Stones TilesDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.4June 26th, 2002
Creating Enemy SpritesDevelopment, TutorialGood 8.4June 26th, 2002
Stone of Balance Desert TilesDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.9June 23rd, 2002
Eyeball JuniorDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.2June 18th, 2002
Isle of Croth (The)D-Mod, QuestExceptional 9.1June 18th, 2002
Eyeball EnemyDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.1June 14th, 2002
Stone of Balance SourceDevelopment, SourceGood 7.7January 21st, 2002
Stone of Balance Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.5May 19th, 2001

SimonK has written 248 reviews

Not bad, but weighting is off in FBX versions Dink Smallwood Retopologized 3d ModelFeaturedGood 7.0June 18th, 2024
Nice one! Dink Blender TemplateFeaturedExceptional 9.5June 10th, 2024
Excellent work with some annoying aspects. Cursed Blades Part 1: Charlie's LegacyFeaturedExceptional 9.0May 8th, 2024
If you want something different I, Kara GuNormalGood 8.5May 8th, 2024
Lots and lots of talking, many big graphics Periculo IslandFeaturedGood 8.5April 8th, 2024
This is a Very Cool New Magic Barbeque FlamethrowerNormalExceptional 9.0December 11th, 2005
This is a Great Tutorial Showing Win Dink Edit in Motion And How To Script on the Fly Video Tutorial: BombroxNormalExceptional 9.0December 10th, 2005
This is a Pack with Quite a Lot of Good Things in it rabidwolf9's dev toychestFeaturedExceptional 9.0October 8th, 2005
A Small Add-on That Some May Find Useful WarCryNormalFair 6.9September 18th, 2005
A Collection of Scripts That Provide Variations on the Standard Hearts TreasuryNormalGood 7.2September 18th, 2005
This is a Colletion of 4 Scripts Plus Some Notes To Help a Relatively New Dmod Author Get ... Scriptus GenericaFeaturedGood 7.0August 20th, 2005
This is a Demo of What I Guess is Classified As a Weird Dmod - Ie it's a Puzzle Game Tile PuzzleNormalGood 8.5August 20th, 2005
This is an Unfinished Dmod - Which is an "Ongoing Game" - That is There is No Overall Obje... Dink's WorldNormalFair 6.0August 20th, 2005
Here is a Little Teaser of a Movie - Sort of Like a First Person Game Intro Church of Red Dragon IntroductionNormalGood 8.0February 11th, 2005
Personally I Think These Rock Belgotha GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5February 11th, 2005
I've have Tried Out Ver 1 Dink.ini RewriteFeaturedTolerable 4.0February 11th, 2005
Here is a Quick Tutorial To Get People Started with Blender BlendTutNormalExceptional 9.0February 9th, 2005
A Trailer (As in Movie) For a Dmod? Well Initiation TrailerNormalExceptional 9.0February 9th, 2005
Hmmm Pilgrim's Quest SourceNormalExceptional 9.0February 9th, 2005
Hmmm Coloured Blood Pack 1NormalGood 8.5February 9th, 2005
Overall While This Dmod had Elements I Liked Cloud Castle 2: ScarabFeaturedGood 8.9February 8th, 2005
This is a Very Correctly Named Dmod Cast Awakening Part 1: InitiationFeaturedExceptional 9.2January 5th, 2005
This is a Challenging if Slightly Annoying At Times Weird Dmod Triangle MoverFeaturedGood 8.5May 10th, 2004
Hmmm Knight's Tale Trois (A)NormalGood 7.0May 7th, 2004
Hey These Are Very Cool GRRRaphicsNormalExceptional 9.4April 21st, 2004
Time To Modify My Initial Review Dink Goes BoatingNormalExceptional 9.5February 16th, 2004
This Dmod has Potential To Be an Entertaining Romp Unfinished BusinessNormalFair 5.0February 14th, 2004
The Other 3 Reviews have Summed Up the Plot Quite Well (Scratcher Scar of David (The)FeaturedGood 8.0January 25th, 2004
A Shooting Game Using Dink Graphics/Characters Dink KillerFeaturedFair 5.0January 14th, 2004
A Dmod with Multiplayer Capabilities Fairy Goodness OnlineFeaturedGood 7.0January 12th, 2004
An Expanded Version of Dinkc - And a Good One DinkC ReferenceNormalExceptional 9.5October 23rd, 2003
This Skeleton Dmod is a Modified Version of the Most Commonly Used One Skeleton SFeaturedExceptional 9.0October 18th, 2003
Dink is Out of Food - He Needs To Find Some More Quest for Food (The)NormalTolerable 4.0October 8th, 2003
I've Played the Version with Patch 1 Bane of the MagiFeaturedGood 8.5September 25th, 2003
The Other World Trailer Other World (The)NormalGood 7.5August 31st, 2003
A Revamp of the Dink Engine To Play Checkers DinkersNormalFair 5.0August 31st, 2003
A Romp That has Dink Journeying To Another Land To Fight the Wizard Matridge’S Evil Brother DinkopolisNormalTolerable 4.0August 31st, 2003
A Romp That is the Unofficial Sequel To Slaughterhouse Dmod DOEMFeaturedGood 7.0August 31st, 2003
An Incomplete Dmod – There is Only a Number of Screens To Wander Around in DoomsdayNormalHorrible 0.1August 31st, 2003
6 Evil Wizards Steal the 6 Jewels of Peace Emerald Hunt (The)FeaturedGood 8.0August 31st, 2003
Dink Dreams End of the World (The)FeaturedTolerable 3.0August 31st, 2003
Dink has Been Sent on a Mission To Save Endor From Some Evil Evil EmpireNormalTolerable 3.0August 31st, 2003
This Dmod has a Fairly Big Map Which is Nicely Decorated Dinkablo II: Shadow and FlameNormalFair 6.5August 28th, 2003
An Arcade Game Using the Dink Engine DinkanoidNormalGood 8.0August 28th, 2003
And Adaption of Dink To Warcraft DinkCraftFeaturedGood 7.0August 28th, 2003
This File has 4 Tiles Scrolling TilesFeaturedGood 7.0August 27th, 2003
This is a Very Good File Hard Tile TutorialNormalExceptional 9.7August 27th, 2003
Yes This File is Exactly What it Says a Demonstration of How To have a Scrolling Background Scrolling BackgroundFeaturedGood 8.5August 27th, 2003
This is an Excellent Example of What a Good Development File Should Be Time: A Tutorial D-ModFeaturedGood 7.5August 27th, 2003
An Attempt At Time Changing TimeflowNormalFair 5.0August 27th, 2003
This is Probably the Best File For the New Dmod Author To Look At Rudiments of Scripting (The)FeaturedExceptional 9.5August 27th, 2003
Here it is - My Take on Creating Enemy Sprites in a Dmod Creating Enemy SpritesFeaturedExceptional 9.0August 27th, 2003
Hmmm Tutorial D-ModNormalFair 5.0August 27th, 2003
The Ultimate Cheat is Actually One of the Best Tools To Help Debug Dmods When Beta Testing Ultimate CheatFeaturedExceptional 9.5August 27th, 2003
This is a Nice Development File Which Showcases One Way of Achieving Multiple Weather Effe... Weather DemonstrationFeaturedGood 7.5August 27th, 2003
This is a Very Powerful Editor For Dink WinDinkeditFeaturedExceptional 9.5August 27th, 2003
It’S Small Dink Smallwood's ChristmasNormalFair 6.5August 27th, 2003
This is a Great Tutorial Applying Dink Palettes in GIMPNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
This is Basically a Sample Script And Some Incomplete Instructions Guided ProjectileNormalFair 6.0August 26th, 2003
A Fully Funtioning Tool That Let's You See the Effect of the Text Colours Against Various ... Happy ColorNormalGood 7.5August 26th, 2003
This File is a Rewrite of the Hardness Quide That the Tiles Use Hard.dat RewriteNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
I Agree with Wc Install MakerNormalGood 7.0August 26th, 2003
Yes This is One Handy File INIcleanNormalExceptional 9.8August 26th, 2003
I Remember When I First Started Making a Dmod (Isle of Croth) This Add on Blew Me Away LanternNormalExceptional 9.8August 26th, 2003
This is an Improvement Over the Original Lantern Effect Lantern FlickeringNormalExceptional 9.0August 26th, 2003
This Pack has Dink Carry a Lantern Which is Great Dink Lantern GraphicsFeaturedGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
Yep Mapnuke for WindowsNormalExceptional 9.0August 26th, 2003
This Pack is Pretty Much Not Worth the Download 16 Best MidiNormalHorrible 1.0August 26th, 2003
Yes a Huge Midi Pack 374 MidisNormalFair 5.0August 26th, 2003
What's Good About This Dmod - the Description File That Comes with it Christiaan's Midi PackNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
This Midi Pack Lies in Betweeen the Packs That have No Description File And Those That Do Damnation Midi PackNormalFair 5.5August 26th, 2003
An Ultimate Midi Pack Ultimate Midi PackNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
A Lot of Midis And No Description File Japanese Midi PackNormalTolerable 4.0August 26th, 2003
10 Original Midis with a Basic Title For Each Track As a Description Midi MayhemNormalGood 7.0August 26th, 2003
A Second Midi Pack From the Dn's Resident Midi Composer of Rock Midi MeyhemNormalGood 7.0August 26th, 2003
Here is a Curious And Interesting Document Movie2000 TutorialNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
4 Scripts And 6 Item Bmps For Their Use Spells & Items PackFeaturedHorrible 2.0August 26th, 2003
Not a Bad Idea Save ScrollFeaturedTolerable 3.0August 26th, 2003
This File is Actually Pretty Handy Run.exeFeaturedGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
This Editor is Very Simple To Use OST DinkC EditorNormalHorrible 2.0August 26th, 2003
A Very Small Midi Pack AmoebaLord's Custom Songs Midi PackNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
I Love This File D-Mod Movie ExampleFeaturedExceptional 9.0August 26th, 2003
It's Good For Source Files To Be Released As Good as Eternity SourceNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
Here is the Source File To the Funniest Dmod Made Quest for Cheese (The) SourceNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
Here it is a Huge Resource To Wade Thru FIAT v0.99i SourceNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
Hmmm Another Source File Fountain of Life Demo SourceNormalExceptional 9.0August 26th, 2003
Source For Lost in Dink Lost in Dink v3.0 SourceNormalExceptional 9.0August 26th, 2003
This Source File has Something Most Do Not - a Readme Mystery Island SourceNormalExceptional 9.9August 26th, 2003
This is it Prophecy of the Ancients v2.00 SourceNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
This is an Example of How To Store More Than One Value in One Variable SuperVar SourceNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
A Nice Source File To Get Started with As it Only has 25 Files Dink Smallwood Goes Trick-Or-Treating SourceNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
A Useful File For People Who Are Interested in the Real Programmnig Side of Things WinDinkedit Source CodeNormalExceptional 9.5August 26th, 2003
Buttons SuperWolfman's Button PackNormalGood 8.5August 26th, 2003
This Little Program is Meant To Help You Generate Tileable Textures TexSynthNormalHorrible 1.0August 26th, 2003
There Are a Number of Pretty Good Graphics in Here And There is a Great Set of Readme File... Tullisti's First Graphics PackNormalGood 8.0August 26th, 2003
This File has Useful Information For Those That Understand Programming And Want To Mess Ar... The Ultimate Dink File Format FAQNormalExceptional 9.0August 25th, 2003
This is a Text File with a Lot of Technical Information About Midi Files Midi TutorialNormalGood 7.5August 25th, 2003
This is an Add-on For Any Dmod BattlesysFeaturedFair 5.0August 25th, 2003
Okay This Download has the Agae Graphics… All the New Ones I Think As Good as Eternity Graphics PackFeaturedGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
These Aren’T Really Desert Tiles (Like the Name of the Zip File Implies – but At Least the... Autumn TilesNormalGood 7.5August 25th, 2003
This Little Graphics Pack Contains a Number of Useful Bmps Details Graphics PackNormalExceptional 9.0August 25th, 2003
I Love These Dried Land TilesNormalExceptional 9.5August 25th, 2003
3 Trees That Are Turning Brown/Autumn Fall TreesNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
There Are Lots of New Tiles in Here House TilesNormalFair 6.5August 25th, 2003
There Are Over 800 Items Bmps in This Pack Item Icons PackNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
These Are Good Tiles Lava and Rock TilesetNormalExceptional 9.0August 25th, 2003
I Like These Tiles Lava TilesNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
This Pack Consists of Some Lovely Graphics Which Only a Few have Been Reused By Other Authors Mystery Island BMP GraphicsFeaturedExceptional 9.0August 25th, 2003
This Pack is Pretty Good No Man's Land GFX PackNormalGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
This Add-on is of Interest For Those Star Wars Fans Out There DinksaberNormalGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
There Are Lots of Great Graphics in Here Snow GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5August 25th, 2003
Some Snow Mountain Tiles Snow Mountain TilesNormalGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
These Are the Standard Grass/Hill/Rock Tiles Tinted Or Colourised a Dirty Grey/Green/Brown... Stone TilesNormalGood 7.5August 25th, 2003
These Trees Are Great TreesNormalExceptional 9.4August 25th, 2003
This is a Pretty Good Pack Dink Weapons PackNormalGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
This is a Pretty Useful Tool To Write Scripts CEditNormalGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
I Think This File is Great CooltextNormalExceptional 9.7August 25th, 2003
Yes Day and NightNormalHorrible 2.0August 25th, 2003
A Basic Program That Promises To have Further Releases That Will Increase it's Functionality D-Mod Development SuiteNormalHorrible 2.0August 25th, 2003
Okay This is a Little Tool Designed To Detect Any Bmps You May have Created That Aren't in... Debug BitmapNormalGood 7.0August 25th, 2003
Here is a Little Utilty That Colours a Bmp DImageNormalFair 5.0August 25th, 2003
This Utility is Simple but Not Very Appealing Problematic Dink Diz ProNormalTolerable 4.0August 25th, 2003
A Program To Convert To Dink's Palette DinkersPalNormalGood 7.0August 25th, 2003
I Found This Utility Pretty Useful When Making Stone of Balance DMOD ManagerNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
I Think This is One of the Best Standalone Dmod D-Mod.diz EditorNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
Yes This Changes the Way the Screen is Displayed in Dinkedit DinkEdit Skin 1NormalGood 8.5August 25th, 2003
A Good File Basic Enemy ShootNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
A Nice Idea FirefistsNormalHorrible 2.0August 25th, 2003
This is a Fairly Handy Summary of the Various Base Sequence/Actual Sequences of the Origin... Graphic NumbersNormalGood 8.0August 25th, 2003
This is Great Ghost Knight 2.0NormalExceptional 9.5August 25th, 2003
A Demo in Which You have Not Much To Do ... His Ancestor 1239NormalHorrible 2.0August 24th, 2003
The Second Part of Jveenhof And Wolfblitz’S Trilogy 9 Gems of Life 2NormalFair 6.0August 24th, 2003
An Unfinished Dmod Perilous Journey (A)NormalTolerable 3.0August 24th, 2003
A Work in Progress… Well Not Much Work Done Town Over (A)NormalHorrible 1.0August 24th, 2003
Okay This Was Pretty Weird For Me Alliance CommandNormalGood 8.5August 24th, 2003
Dink has To Stop the Army Which has Been Killing People Attack of the Army (The)NormalTolerable 4.0August 24th, 2003
This Was a Waste of Time Baywatch IsleNormalHorrible 0.5August 24th, 2003
One of the Alternate Evil Dmods Beginning of EvilFeaturedFair 6.5August 24th, 2003
An Intro For a Dmod That Will Probably Be Never Released Beyond the Galaxy IntroNormalTolerable 3.0August 24th, 2003
A Dmod in Which You Play a Variety of Characters Including Karg the Goblin Birth of an EmpireNormalGood 7.9August 24th, 2003
Here is One Weird Dmod – Well Bloop the FishNormalFair 5.0August 24th, 2003
Dink Must Go To Another Land And Find Out About Some Missing Guards Castle of LoreNormalFair 6.0August 24th, 2003
Hmmm Christmas Adventure: Search for SantaNormalGood 7.0August 24th, 2003
A Strange Dmod Computer VirusNormalTolerable 4.0August 24th, 2003
I Laughed While Playing This Counter Strike CTFNormalGood 7.5August 24th, 2003
A Teaser More Than a Trailer Crystal of PowerNormalGood 8.0August 24th, 2003
Hmmm Dink 007NormalHorrible 1.0August 24th, 2003
This is a Battle Simulation Dmod Dink Arena - GUINormalGood 7.8August 24th, 2003
A Very Short Romp in Which Dink Finds a Wizard Dink Goes WanderingNormalFair 5.0August 24th, 2003
Dink Tells Some Stand Up Jokes Dink LettermanNormalFair 5.5August 24th, 2003
An Arcade Style Dmod in Which Dink is Running Along a Rock Trying To Avoid Rocks And Pick ... Dink RacerNormalFair 6.5August 24th, 2003
Dink Visits the Bowman From the Original Game And is Sent on a Quest To Save Time Dink Smallwood & The End of TimeFeaturedGood 8.0August 24th, 2003
An Arcade Dmod of Sorts Dink Smallwood Goes Trick-Or-TreatingNormalFair 6.5August 24th, 2003
Not Sure What the Point of This Dmod Was Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking TreesNormalGood 7.0August 24th, 2003
Dink has To Help King Daniel’S Brother with Some Goblins Dink V. ZagorNormalGood 7.5August 24th, 2003
A Trivia Dmod with 3 Sections Dink X TriviaNormalFair 6.0August 24th, 2003
This is a Romp Dink's Father 1: Quest for the ScrollFeaturedTolerable 3.0August 24th, 2003
Dink’S Father 2: the Kidnapping Dink's Father 2: The KidnappingNormalHorrible 2.0August 24th, 2003
Yes a Short Piece of Work Dink's Short AdventureNormalHorrible 0.1August 24th, 2003
I’M Not Sure if This is Just a Demo DinkabloNormalFair 5.5August 24th, 2003
A Demo in Which Dink is in Hell And has To Find a Way Out As He Was Summoned There By Accident DWTDNormalGood 7.9August 24th, 2003
One Strange Dmod DryNormalGood 7.9August 24th, 2003
This Faq is Very Good D-Mod Editing FAQNormalExceptional 9.0August 24th, 2003
This File is Really a Web Page D-Mod HelpNormalGood 7.0August 24th, 2003
This Document Isn't Bad D-Mod Learning StuffFeaturedGood 7.5August 24th, 2003
Another Set of New Tiles Desert Cliff TilesNormalGood 7.5August 24th, 2003
This is a Link To Several Dinkc Scripts - All on One Web Page Dink's Doppleganger Intro SourceNormalFair 6.5August 24th, 2003
This is One Amazing Piece of Coding And Stuff Dink's TrunkNormalExceptional 9.5August 24th, 2003
Yes This Program Does a Good Job Indenting DinkC Auto-IndenterNormalGood 8.5August 24th, 2003
A Webpage About the Basics of Dinkc DinkC TutorialNormalGood 7.0August 24th, 2003
I Do Like This Dmod Authoring Tool Easy DinkCNormalGood 8.0August 24th, 2003
Here Are Some Nifty New Graphics For Those Who Want a New Fence And have a Dmod with a Sci... Force Field GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5August 24th, 2003
Yes Green Axe Knight NormalExceptional 9.0August 24th, 2003
This is a Handy Resource For Those Authors Who Plan To Use Extra Keyboard Commands in Thei... KeycodesNormalExceptional 9.0August 24th, 2003
This Was Mildly Interesting To Read Making of Mystery Island (The)NormalGood 7.0August 24th, 2003
This Little Midi Making Program is Great For the Newbie Music SculptorNormalExceptional 9.0August 24th, 2003
Here it is Pilgrim's Quest Enemy Graphics PackNormalExceptional 9.5August 24th, 2003
Not Bad For Some Good Stuff Redink1's Neat StuffNormalGood 7.5August 24th, 2003
This is Very Useful For the New Dmod Author SkeletonNormalExceptional 9.0August 24th, 2003
This is a Must Read For Any New Dmod Author Sound FAQNormalExceptional 9.0August 24th, 2003
Really Very Useful Tool For a Number of Reasons Sprite ReplacerNormalExceptional 9.7August 24th, 2003
This File is a Web Page That Needs Updating As the Link No Longer Works And the Picture Wh... Taking ScreenshotsNormalFair 5.0August 24th, 2003
Short Quest for Arithia 1: The Ninth LockNormalGood 7.0August 21st, 2003
Yes This One has More To it Than the First Quest for Arithia 2: The RozarusNormalGood 7.6August 21st, 2003
Once Again a Pretty Solid Dmod Quest for Arithia 3: Elemental PeaceNormalGood 7.0August 21st, 2003
Yep Quest for Cheese (The)NormalExceptional 9.0August 21st, 2003
I've Come Back To This Dmod After a Long Time 9 Gems of Life (The)FeaturedGood 7.7August 21st, 2003
This One Just Don't Do Anything For Me Adventures of Ed the SCV (The)FeaturedGood 7.3August 21st, 2003
A Trailer For a Dmod That Seems Destined To Be Unfinsihed Beginning of SorrowsFeaturedFair 5.0August 21st, 2003
Here We have a Innovative Dmod Catacombs (The)NormalGood 8.8August 21st, 2003
A Short Dmod with Not a Lot of Explaination Or Nearly Enough Save Machines Dink BlackwoodFeaturedGood 7.0August 21st, 2003
Yes Dink's DopplegangerNormalGood 8.5August 21st, 2003
A New Variation Explorations: redink1's BasementNormalFair 6.0August 21st, 2003
Not a Bad Effort Legend of the DuckNormalFair 5.5August 21st, 2003
A Demo with a Number of Quests in it Legend's TaleNormalGood 8.0August 21st, 2003
Umm Search for Milli Vanilli (The)NormalFair 5.5August 21st, 2003
A Large Epic Secret of ParizayaNormalGood 7.5August 21st, 2003
A Little Hard To Understand At First Enemy Shoot DeluxeNormalGood 8.0August 21st, 2003
A Very Short Romp with Some Humour And a Few Bugs Knight's Tale 2 (A)FeaturedGood 7.8August 19th, 2003
This is a Good Dmod Blood ScorpionsFeaturedGood 8.5August 16th, 2003
Finally I Get Around To Playing This Dmod To the End Cycles of EvilFeaturedGood 8.8July 27th, 2003
An Unfinished Dmod That is More of an Author Resource Darkspace DerelictFeaturedFair 6.0October 30th, 2002
Lyna's Story is One of the Cleverest Dmods I've Played For a While Lyna's StoryNormalExceptional 9.4September 30th, 2002
This is Truely One of the Great Dmods Prophecy of the AncientsNormalExceptional 9.5September 25th, 2002
Here is a Very Small Dmod Secret of AmehoelaNormalHorrible 2.0September 9th, 2002
Not a Bad Add-on And As Dan Says it Doesn't Do Some Things Dink's Friendly DoubleNormalGood 7.0September 8th, 2002
This is the Second Part of the Series - And it has a Very Big Improvement on the First Quest for Dorinthia 2: The Island RevengeNormalExceptional 9.0August 21st, 2002
Here is One of the Better CrosslinkNormalExceptional 9.0August 21st, 2002
Hey Stone of Balance SourceNormalExceptional 9.5August 9th, 2002
Well it's a Nice Little Romp Knight's Tale (A)NormalGood 8.0July 29th, 2002
I Think This Dmod is Very Good New Shores : The MaoriNormalExceptional 9.0July 29th, 2002
Very Funny Dmod This Back from the GraveNormalGood 8.7July 14th, 2002
This is a Romp - a One Quick Quest Thing Creeping Sands (The)FeaturedExceptional 9.3July 14th, 2002
This Tiles Are Designed To Replace the Existing Pavement Tiles Grass to Pavement/Stones TilesNormalExceptional 9.0July 10th, 2002
A Handy Set of Points To Follow D-Mod Check ListNormalGood 8.5July 1st, 2002
A New Set of Tiles Which Can Offer Authors Another Choice Spare TilesFeaturedGood 7.0June 30th, 2002
An Interesting Dmod Cloud CastleNormalGood 7.6June 25th, 2002
Ver 1 Stone of Balance Desert TilesFeaturedExceptional 9.5June 24th, 2002
This a Good Document D-Mod Dink.ini EditingNormalGood 8.0June 21st, 2002
A Tutorial That is an Avi - Excellent Applying Dink PalletesNormalGood 8.0June 21st, 2002
This is a Very Hard To Follow Document Hard Tiles LabeledNormalHorrible 1.0June 21st, 2002
Okay Hardness HelpNormalGood 8.9June 21st, 2002
Yes FFCreate 2NormalExceptional 9.0June 21st, 2002
Nice Graphics Ghost KnightNormalGood 8.0June 21st, 2002
Ummm FIAT JournalNormalTolerable 4.0June 21st, 2002
This is a Great Tutorial Simple GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.9June 20th, 2002
What This Tutorial Teaches You is How To Save a Dink Palette - Which is Handy Advanced Graphics TutorialNormalFair 6.0June 20th, 2002
Not in the Most User Friendly Format Dink.ini IndexNormalGood 7.0June 20th, 2002
I Think Redink1 has Summed it Up DinkC HelpNormalExceptional 9.0June 20th, 2002
A Very Handy Download For Those Who Want To Modify the Original Graphics Dink Smallwood BMP GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5June 20th, 2002
This is a New Enemy Eyeball EnemyNormalExceptional 9.0June 19th, 2002
Eyeball Jr Eyeball JuniorNormalExceptional 9.3June 19th, 2002
An Interesting Dmod - with Some New Graphics And Some Quite Funny Stuff in it Okaly-D DinkNormalGood 8.0June 17th, 2002
This File is Useful Alternative HeroesNormalGood 7.5June 15th, 2002
This Demo is Not That Good CrossroadsFeaturedTolerable 4.0June 9th, 2002
I Never Played the First Release Version Friends Beyond 1NormalFair 6.0June 9th, 2002
I Agree with Telerium Milderr!!NormalFair 5.0June 9th, 2002
This is an Improvement on the First One Milderr!! 2: The Adventure in FinlandNormalFair 6.5June 9th, 2002
I Released This Graphics Pack As the Original Dmod had Ff'd Graphics Stone of Balance Graphics PackNormalExceptional 9.5June 7th, 2002
There Are Some Nice Pieces in This Pack Super Midi PackNormalGood 8.5June 7th, 2002
A Nice Little Quest Dmod Once in a LifetimeNormalGood 7.5April 24th, 2002
This is a Large Dmod As Good As EternityFeaturedGood 8.9April 4th, 2002
A Very Nice Medium Sized Dmod Dinky Dimensions 2: End of TimeNormalGood 8.8February 15th, 2002
Hmmm Stone of BalanceNormalExceptional 9.8January 23rd, 2002
Yes Between the ShadowsNormalGood 8.0January 23rd, 2002
A Very Nice Dmod Quest for Dorinthia (The)NormalGood 8.9January 21st, 2002
Well Dinky Dimensions 1: FIATFeaturedExceptional 9.2December 19th, 2001
This is the Biggest Dmod To Date Friends Beyond 3: Legend of TenjinNormalGood 8.7December 11th, 2001

SimonK has taken 15 screenshots

Preview Pilgrim's QuestMay 10th, 2024
Preview Pilgrim's QuestMay 6th, 2024
Preview Pilgrim's QuestMay 6th, 2024
Preview Pilgrim's QuestMay 6th, 2024
Preview Pilgrim's QuestMay 6th, 2024
Preview Pilgrim's QuestMay 6th, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceMay 2nd, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceMay 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceMay 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceMay 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceMay 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceApril 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceApril 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceApril 1st, 2024
Preview Stone of BalanceApril 1st, 2024