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June 13th 2006, 07:38 AM
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1) Poll has been changed.

2) I visit several times a day, read very nearly every post on the forums (or at least skim through the replies). Granted, Tal is gone this week, but he has about the same behavior.

3) ... interesting interpretation.

4) I have posted 5 forum posts with the word 'banana' in them this year. Tal has posted a total of 8 posts with the word 'banana' in them over the past four years. There is no obsession. Hell, I don't think I've even eaten a banana in... years.

5) Updates generally occur when there are new files. Granted, awards can be hideously past-date (hmm), but it isn't like I have 10 epic D-Mods that I haven't posted yet.

6) That is not going to happen.

The only reason that I'm in charge of The Dink Network is because everyone else left. 8 years ago, there were about a dozen Dink Smallwood web sites, each hosting D-Mods, posting news, etc. Within the span of a year, each and every other site had stopped updating, except mine. Allegations that I hired several robot ninja assassins are completely unfounded.

It is kind of fun to harp on us staff members for being lazy (I do it from time to time), but really... we're not that lazy.