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June 13th 2006, 03:13 AM
It is not that I don't respect them... no, not at all... It is just that I think that they could really add some sparkly to this old site... As a revision... Updates do happen, but I do not see a great spectrum of use of those updates (think of all the dev files that people have made nut have not incorporated into any D-Mods.). Of course, maybe I'm just impatient, but then again, some news and excitement would be nice. Anyway, these are only suggestions made from my opinion, and as such may be subject to change...

1. Then again, why don't we have a staffer that was only in charge of polls, instead of having Tal and ReDink have to do everything.

2. Of course, I don't blame them... I don't exactly devote large amounts of time here, but then again, this isn't MY site.

3. Helpful is a broad term, but I still believe that they haven't actually been quite ready on demand- most of my information I get from other Dinkers- still I am working on trying to find the gist of the site... besides the obvious affiliation with the site.

4. I was never terribly fond of bananas, especially when they get brown and squishy- many of the ladies seen to enjoy the taste of them...I would say more, but I think I would get the scary perception that I may turn into Simon (!!)

5. Dink has been around a long time, and there are many updates present... but the strong limitations of the engine still bother me... the fact that there are limited screens in a map, limited graphics, limited tiles... really the engine was designed to play Dink really well, and leave room for a few small add-ons like Milli Vanilli and Mystery Island...

6. There aren't a lot of viable translations, but I really think that this is a step in the right direction, with the possibility of expanding the network to be within the reach of those who speak limited English. Anyway, there are several Dinkers that are quite fluent in two or more languages, like Tyrisis. I know that translating a bit differant- but I for one have translated a few English paragraphs into Spanish, with only my very limited knowledge of that language.

Again, these are just suggestions. Forgive if the title and scenario seem rude- but I want to catch people's attention...