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April 7th, 11:47 AM
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I'd say that is getting pretty close to exactly the kind of information we need.

Good work!

Perhaps we can have that text from yeoldetoast "pop-up" when some clearly labeled button (like [Which version of the Dink Engine should I use?]) is pressed. That button should be a brightly contrasting color and could be placed in a couple of relevant places on the DN website. I'm hoping that such changes would not be too burdensome for Redink1. I'm thinking that this button should be near the green "Play HD" and "Play Freedink" buttons scattered throughout the site and on the page.

Can anyone think of any other places where this button should be placed on this website?

Oh ... and I'd say that some areas of yeoldetoast's notes that are missing are listed below.

#1 We need instructions and comments for IOS and Android. (These may need to be updated soon based on what I just read from Seth on the "RTDink 1.93 for Windows 7" topic.)
#2 I think we would benefit from warnings like "This xx version may not be compatible with all the dmods" and/or "This yy version is the most compatible one for your platform".
#3 Apparently we may need specific instructions and comments for each of the versions of windoze that are still being used?