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April 25th 2019, 06:16 AM
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i do this all the time in my dmods. the songs that are labeled "69.mid" always have a secret message in there. i also like to switch things up and tackle the minds' other eyes by sticking messages in the pattern of the tiles in places. you may not know, but the tiles i use are slightly modified, with greens so subtly different that you can't really notice them unless you're really trying (yes, its always grass tiles. once, it was sand but it didn't have the same effect for one reason or another. something about chroma density and prismacentral cerebral structure theory that i can't get a firm handle on.) lots of images, words, even urls. for the last one, if you've ever looked something up without knowing why, its because the url reminded you to go look it up.

as for what the messages are and what they've been doing to the dink network as a whole? that's for you to find out.