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June 19th 2018, 08:57 AM
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@Seth and redink1:
This is great news! Thanks VERY MUCH Seth and redink1 for your efforts! And thanks to Beuc for his work in this area as well!

I have a few suggested improvments though, which I think you will agree will be helpful.

#1 Can the DN web site increment the counter for downloads when a visitor to the web site starts a dmod by clicking on the [Play] button? Alternatively, can we increment another counter just for online - plays (instead of counting it as a download) that is also displayed on the "Files - D-Mod" (and any similar) pages?

#2 Is it possible to have a start up routine on the DN check to see if "Firefox 60.0.2, or Chrome 67.0.3396.87" (or later) is in use before starting the online version in response to a click on the [Play] button? In this way, more people would have a success the first time that they click on [Play] (or at least they would know that they have to "come back" to the DN with a different browser).