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November 23rd 2017, 02:53 AM
Peasant Male Equatorial Guinea xbox steam duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
...for 1.8.9.whatever. here, i'll start with some shit i came across earlier.

as good as eternity
- lightning sword doesn't choppo the vineos. (errr, apparently it does. i walked through the rocks to get there since acid rain wasn't charging. don't need to use it though, apparently. how obvious...)

sour gummy worms
-gained however many exp. was taking forever to add up so i saved and loaded and now i'm stuck at 99999 exp.

dink's nightmare
-same as above. the way the status bars work in this version sucks. speed up the exp gain like crazy or just go back to fireballs and equipping forcing it to update instantly...though sometimes, throwing a fireball or something does force it. but usually not.

pilgrim's quest
-scroll to end burny trees don't do shit
-nakey mermaids plaster themselves everywhere. saw the ice shit from the ice sword do this too in the disciple.

malachi the jerk
-dungeon dave's puzzle doesn't work

dink goes boating
-doesn't work at all. probably also applies to other dmods that require true colour.

cloud castle 2
-burnable cacti are invisible until hit, then they warp to the point of flamey impact and then burn

broken windows
-can't escape from solitaire.

as good as eternity
-acid rain doesn't charge. think this happened in other stuff, but it never charges in as good as eternity.

attack of the mutant veggies
-invisible walls all over the pavement.
-crashes when entering weapon store

the rings of destiny
-status bars don't draw until reloading

dink hd in general
-"press f1" message sticking around forever
-fullscreen toggling randomly
-sprites vanishing
-cursor not releasing when menu is open

post more. or something. also, not a bug, but the extra key script support might not exist still. dropping didn't work in as good as eternity. so, the scourger and dinky dimensions: fiat will be impossible to beat about 50 hours in because of that.