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May 31st 2014, 08:27 PM
Bard Male United States
Please Cindy, say the whole name each time. 
Here's a quickie. Probably should have posted this with the previous writeup; oh well.

125: The Other World - Nature BattleFields (Trailer) Author: Chen-kuang Su (Mimifish) Release Date: August 29, 2001

"It became colder and colder..."

I had the release date wrong on this one when I set up my DMOD list; July 2, 2002 was when an updated version was released fixing a small bug. The release date here is stated in the readme file that comes with the DMOD.

"The Other World" is an ambitious project that never came to fruition. Mimifish says that, as of the original release of this trailer, quite a bit of progress had been made: "...the DMOD (main game) has already had more than 100 map screens. Almost every screen is very different and detailed. More than 50 scripts were finished. There have been more than 250 new graphics files already." The plan seems to have been for a DMOD on the scale of FIAT. All that's left for us to see is this trailer, which apparently lasts ten minutes if you lay off of the talk button, which I didn't.

The beginning of this trailer does some impressive work setting an ominous mood. Photographs of thunderstorms are worked into the scene in a surprisingly effective way, and there's a snow effect that is the best weather effect I've yet seen in a DMOD. It seems that Dink's world has been suddenly plunged into a new ice age. The King sends for Dink, and why wouldn't he? I mean, look at those stats. As a comment in one of the scripts asks, is the mod THAT easy, or are the enemies THAT hard? We'll never know. Also of note are these neat path-through-snow tiles. Mimifish has said that anyone is free to use their work, so these could be handy for the non-artistically-inclined author working on a winter setting.

The title comes into play when Dink learns that the ice and snow is caused by an imbalance between his universe and a parallel universe. He is to be sent into the other universe, but there is no guarantee that going there will help anything, or, for that matter, that he'll be able to come back. The situation is so bleak that they try it anyway. Now that's a setup! I'm interested! ...and the trailer ends.

I've talked before about how easy it is for this sort of project to peter out. It's something to think about when you play a big, ambitious DMOD that actually was finished - it's worth remembering that it could have been one of these.