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April 24th 2003, 06:52 AM
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A mother ducking wizard 
I re-did the way that messages are displayed a little bit, basically messing with colors and sizes and borders and whatnot.

I also added Sex icons. No, The Dink Network hasn't turned into The Porn Network (yet), rather you can now show the world whether you're male or female with an icon under your name. You can declare your gender in the Account-Profile area. Its completely optional.

Also... the way that icons (i.e. Peasants, Bards, Nobles, Kings, etc) are handled will be changed a bit in the near future. Peasants will be changed (right now I'm debating between Commoners and Citizens) and you will be able to 'earn' other icons. So if you released a file, you get a Wizard Initiate icon. If you win a DOTM, it is replaced with a Mage icon, and if you win a DOTY, its replaced with a Wizard icon. There will also be some icons for the most active reviewers/message board posters.