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New version of version checker available

Version Checker

August 2nd, 12:09 PM
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Will post news later, on mobile now.

I think I updated the video link, Robj!
August 2nd, 12:15 PM
Jester Male Australia
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Yes, all good, it's showing the updated link.

BTW, I just updated push and pull too!

EDIT: and whoops, I forgot to update the dmod/diz, so I just fixed it and updated push and pull again lol.
August 2nd, 04:19 PM
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no worries, i got it. i'll do the news post.
August 2nd, 04:19 PM
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can't flim flam the glim glam 
This is a version checker that you can add into your dmod that returns a unique value for different versions of Dink Smallwood, Dink HD, and FreeDink.

The original get_version() command can not differentiate between dink 1.08 and freedink because they both return "108".

This version checker not only differentiates the above, but also returns unique values for FreeDink 109.6, and FreeDink version 108.4 or lower.

This file includes an initial version checker screen which runs when the player starts a new game, to initially detect and store away the version number.
The version is then updated whenever the player loads a save game, in case they have changed versions.

You can retrieve the version number at anytime, to adjust your scripting and make sure your Dmod is compatible across all major Dink Engine versions, or to check the player is using the correct version before the game play starts.

Packaged into a Dmod file for ease of organisation, even though there is not much gameplay at all (just two screens so you can immediately demo the file)

Included is a readme which details how to implement this into a dmod, and also a youtube video tutorial if you don't like reading.
The link to the video tutorial is listed in the readme file as well, but I have also listed it below:

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Version 1.02
Released: August 2nd, 2019
File Size: 459.05 KB
Downloads: 3
Release Notes: Made a few minor tweaks.
Updated tutorial to 2 part video, rather than 1.

Link to tutorial playlist is in the readme file, but also linked below:
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