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Question about transparency in Dinkcraft

September 17th 2017, 09:37 PM
Peasant Male Japan
Question for Dan/Beuc:

Hmm, I was testing Dinkcraft and noticed transparency wasn't working on some buildings. A closer look shows the bmp itself doesn't use 255,255,255 for white but 252,252,252. (it is at index 255)

So I checked on 1.08, same thing, no transparency.

But I figured there is no way that was intentional so I downloaded freedink and tested it and it DOES properly make that 252,252,252 transparent.

See pic:

Anyway, what am I missing? Does freedink have code that forces index 255 to be transparent? Or perhaps allows "almost white" or something like that? Not sure if should also do that or what.

September 18th 2017, 09:16 PM
King Male United States xbox steam bloop
A mother ducking wizard 

I think we might just be better off updating those D-Mods that are affected by this issue instead of trying to 'fix' DinkHD.

I'm not sure how this worked in old-school 1998 Dink. Did it auto-convert different palettes to the closest Dink palette color (hence converting 252,252,252 to 255,255,255)? It must have.

Maybe that's what Freedink does?
September 19th 2017, 07:54 AM
Peasant Male Japan
Thanks. Hmm. Maybe I'll just leave as is unless more DMODs pop up that expect this behavior.