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Most Ridiculous Victory you can Recall

October 15th 2014, 09:27 AM
EDIT: I forgot I was still using this account.
October 15th 2014, 09:28 AM
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I was reading my whining thread about Seymour Flux earlier as reading old stuff is something I do frequently, and I remembered a pretty outrageous victory I achieved in Final Fantasy V.

So, picture this. You're in the final dungeon. Crystals surround you as a reminder of your failure to prevent Planet R's crystals from shattering and freeing ExDeath. You travel the bleakness of this Void until you finally meet your nemesis. ExDeath stands before you now and you are determined to finish him off forever. Having finally acquired the infinite power of The Void, ExDeath becomes a giant tree with a face as he originally was and attacks you. You are absorbed into the Void and are seemingly defeated until the Warriors of Dawn help you and suppress the power of the Void in order to allow you to destroy ExDeath.

But when you deliver the finishing blow, he is absorbed into the Void himself and becomes a mess of monsters which attacks you as well. All seems lost when he uses insane moves like Grand Cross and Almagest, and you're down to your last party member...a frog...which leaps forward and kills ExDeath with a measily double-digit amount of damage.

ExDeath is stunned by how he is defeated as he crumbles away into nothing, destroyed eternally and lost to the Void, never to come back.

So what are your stories?

(yeah, blame me for multi-accounting again. Whatever)
October 16th 2014, 09:35 PM
Final Fantasy IX, fighting the absolute final boss who also uses Grand Cross, ironically. I guess that attack just leads naturally to crazy resolutions.

After a long battle, all of my party members were dead, petrified, etc, except one. Zidane was alive, but berserk where I had no control over him (and there was no chance I'd get control over him again before he died). With low hp and automatic control, he attacked and finished off the boss before he died. Maybe not as epic as a frog finisher but I was still pretty satisfied with it.

Surely I've had some other ridiculous finishers, but that's the craziest one I can still remember.
October 17th 2014, 08:02 AM
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Grand Cross is a just pure randomness all around. It led to the Frog Finish, to your Berserk Finish, and sometimes it's not harmful, while other times it just completely ruins the whole fight and you're screwed.

Duck Grand Cross.
October 17th 2014, 09:44 AM
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diablo 2 , i was fighting act 3 boss mephisto in hell difficulty i got a phone call so i had to leave i just retreated back to across to a safe spot to play later. when i got back he was dead , my rogue npc with a bow had killed him from the safe spot[at hell difficulty the bosses are lot tougher i was gone for about a hour] must have been a long fight
July 12th 2017, 01:25 PM
Peasant Equatorial Guinea steam duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
in half life 3, i glitched through the floor and landed on the final boss. the credits immediately pooped up. just so happens, you are meant to push the button on his head.

if i could replicate that glitch, i could be the one and only to speedrun the game, and in incredible record time.
July 12th 2017, 03:34 PM
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Okay, so way back in the far off year of... 2000 (I think), I was playing a round of Team Fortress Classic capture the flag on one of their newer official maps (newer at the time, at least) that took place in a big winding canyon. I was playing as the Soldier and decided to make a solo run into the enemy base. I took the long, surreptitious back route but noticed that I didn't encounter any enemy resistance until I made it to the flag room where I dropped a rocket on the unsuspecting head of the Demoman that had mined the flag. Grabbing it, I decided to take the faster main entrance out as I had just heard that the enemy had nabbed our own flag.

As I exited the base, I turned to see someone running off their ramparts to come stop me. Again, my rocket managed to score true and though it didn't kill them, the blast knocked them into the air and into the canyon where they exploded into a mess of gibs. I was feeling pretty good by the time I had made it across the midway point of the bridge; I knew that even if I died, the flag would now likely be as good as ours. As I neared the final curve of the upper canyon, the one where my base would soon be visible, I ran smack into the middle of five enemies, one of whom was their flag-carrier. Looking back on it, I now think they were more startled to run into me than I was about them; most of them were still facing my base, watching for pursuers while I was looking ahead. Freaking the duck out I spammed just about every grenade and rocket I had ready, bunny hoping my way to sweet, sweet safety. As I bobbed and weaved like never before, I watched my kill count tick upwards as one by one every single of their raiding party died in a hail of explosions and nails. With but 4 health left, I stumbled into the base and unloading my shotgun into a final, unsuspecting straggler. Triumphantly, I strode to our capture point, having almost single-handedly (I'm quite certain the enemy raiding party was weakened by our defenders) wasted 8 enemies and protected our own flag from capture.

As I look back on it, I see that the lack of defenders earlier was due to the fact that most of their team made huge push for our flag and I was ecstatic to put such a devastating end to their gambit.
July 12th 2017, 11:24 PM
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Hey, one of skurns puppet profiles!

That was cool.