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2015-08-07 07:28:13
Peasant steam
Sons of liberty 
This certainly has been a great discussion , now brassweasel don't get me wrong on this but i certainly have personally enjoyed your recent dmods they have been great from the regular few screen size dmods we keep getting these days.

Now if this same topic was being discussed when the site member's strength and game popularity were at its peak it would have a lot more weight.

Honestly i think there are probably only a few people who are just active here now, i probably don't think they even go for the dmods by the score at all. I personally have started to pick out dmods to play randomly.

It is pretty sad that we cant seem to convince seth to push the game to to steam and other places specially now that pc gaming has been growing quite strongly.

I don't think there are that many people now that they actively seek out to play dmods to play based on the score...

That being said about comparing older score dmods with the current score ones is not really accurate since the older ones tend to have more reviews than now. which is why i was saying that a dmod should not have a score until it has certain amount of reviews.

Score's have certainly been a hot topic for debate not just here but the whole gaming world , you always get comments like look that reviewer gave call of duty xx 10 of 10 but gave that nice indie game a 7/10 etc etc.