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Zach the Marine

zach vs the knight
January 5th, 2008
Score : 7.7 good
I liked this mode I thought it was different and funny but I cannot get to the end. The save after the escape and then the fight with the last soldier is hard. I tried several times but the soldies does takes one swipe and that is it. You have to shoot to many times to kill him. I disagree with the person that wrote the walkthough that the last part was easy, maybe I missed something in the beginning but I did not finsh.
May 29th, 2006
Score : 8.2 good
Pros: Fun, it is kind fo funny to see such a tiny little guy do things like coerce and threaten people much larger than him or his battle cruiser, it was fun to play this Dink Module where you play a character as small as his phone, and smaller than his barrels, the court was a good use of the table graphics, and the english-speaking bonca was a surprise. Cons: you can walk right past the enemy knights (At least I am pretty sure of that), Zach fires too fast, the enemies are weak, and the graphics are a little monotonus (I am working/worked on a graphics patch with new graphics for him), the humor of Zach being tiny starts wearing down. Overall: A fun, slightly humorous Dink module, with a few bugs, mainly involving the ability to walk away from knights, and the ability to keep getting rocket launchers, I have a save file where I try to get lots of experience, and another where I try to get lots of rocket launchers, I don't know much about the music, since I almost always have my sound off, I cannot wait for the second one to come out and would be glad to help Chaotic if he wants my help.
May 3rd, 2005
Score : 7.2 good
Zach the Marine

When I started reviewing I decided never to judge a first attempt until I had tried my own, but this one, well it was special.

Story: You play Zach a marine, which is predictable from the title. He has to get back his bomb the king stole from him. It’s a cool short romp, which Insults the creator. It seemed unique, and with all the Epics and Quests coming out it is good to see a nice short adventure for a change.

Gameplay: A few minor bugs, but overall the gameplay was good, and this was a good first attempt… It did get a bit boring after a while though taking down the knights in the corridor before the boss, it wasn’t that it was hard it was the time…

Graphics: There were only about 6? 7 maybe new graphics but it really didn’t need them… I liked the Starcraft marine graphic… The entire thing seemed to work, all the graphics played nicely together and the maps were compiled quiet well.

Music: Although few and far between the music was good, in the answering music I was sure I could here cute little budgies! I have one his name is Bomber he’s so cute! Anyway… Yeah the gaps in the music were terrible! You should never have silence in a Dmod unless there’s a reason…

Final Thoughts: Brilliant first go! I loved it!

Pro’s: Good First Try, Well done and the self criticism (Really adds some charm)
Con’s: The constant hallway knight fighting
April 28th, 2005
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Female Canada
I loved it.It was way fun and I love the new weapon!!
Blam-blam-blam.I thought it was REALLY good for
a first dmod.I didn't notice the music and I did find
the castle a little dark sometimes and it made it hard
to see the soldiers.Of course the sun is reflecting off my
screen a bit thought Zach marine
was just the cutest little thing!It was easy to beat the
bad guys but only because Zach is a superior being with
a super cool weapon.
April 2nd, 2005
Score : 7.0 good
Well, instead of getting technicle, I will review this as a Romp and not base it off of Epic standards. As a Romp it has great qualities.

It's not hard. (Good for any beginner Dinker.)
It's not easy. (If you don't use your puzzle knowledge, you may get stuck. It's short. (For when you get stuck on an Epic and need to take a break.)
It's different. (Who likes the same thing over and over, all the time?)
It's SciFi. (For those who like it.)

There will always be bad though. So here it is.

First off as many others have said, "There are several bugs."
Now a Romp doesn't take much time to make. Compared to a Quest or an Epic.
One would think you to take the time and fix these few minor details. If you did, it would be an excellent Romp DMOD.

One bug I don't believe anyone has mentioned yet is that when you initiate the push sprites, it goes from the Zach sprite to the Dink sprite. You should make a Zach push animation.

Money was quite pointless in the game other than the small sum of 50 gold.

It would have been nice to know if I had the items or not. (Inventory bug.) But that doesn't really matter. Just pay attention when he says you get it and all will be fine.

The gun shoots way to fast. I am thinking that you did that on purpose and that is why the enemies have what seems to be thousands of HP. The main problem with this is once you shoot so fast, the lasers knock each other out. If I shot fifty times, only about 5-10 would actually hit the enemy. When your magic lv is high in most Dink games and you cast fireball, it has this same bug.

Great Romp DMOD.

This is my first review on the Dink Network and I'm glad it was on such a well crafted Romp. I enjoyed playing it. I have been playing Dink for years now, and figured I would become a member and learn how to create a DMOD myself. (Isn't as easy as I thought.)
March 31st, 2005
Score : 7.5 good
Overall it was a good dmod. But there are a few things I found annoying;

- the screenlock didn't work properly.
- And people say the same things even if you already talked to them.
- The enemies were way to easy to beat.
- There were no add-item scripts attached to the hammer, diamond and other two things you had to find to get you're vehicle started. You could not see it when you get it.

And now the good things:

A new dink figure is born named Zach. I liked already from the start of the dmod a little guy who fights with a gun.
(Maybe it was nicer to let zach find the gun and first had to fight with his fist).

The music:
MUsic was good. It changes sometimes so that is always ok.

The storyline was not difficult and you could find you're way through the dmod very easy. I liked the way of the story it was simple and easy to complete the dmod.

For a first dmod it is a really good one. You could finish the dmod and you can have fun with it. That's why I give it a good score.
I can't wait for part two.