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Zach the Marine

zach vs the knight
Zach gets mad that the king stole his new bomb, the expotion. Enjoy the madness.

*Best download of march 2005*
Released:May 28th, 2005
File Size:1.52 MB
Release Notes:v1.1
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May 3rd, 2005
Score : 7.2 good
Zach the Marine

When I started reviewing I decided never to judge a first attempt until I had tried my own, but this one, well it was special.

Story: You play Zach a marine, which is predictable from the title. He has to get back his bomb the king stole from him. It’s a cool short romp, which Insults the creator. It seemed unique, and with all the Epics and Quests coming out it is good to see a nice short adventure for a change.

Gameplay: A few minor bugs, but overall the gameplay was good, and this was a good first attempt… It did get a bit boring after a while though taking down the knights in the corridor before the boss, it wasn’t that it was hard it was the time…

Graphics: There were only about 6? 7 maybe new graphics but it really didn’t need them… I liked the Starcraft marine graphic… The entire thing seemed to work, all the graphics played nicely together and the maps were compiled quiet well.

Music: Although few and far between the music was good, in the answering music I was sure I could here cute little budgies! I have one his name is Bomber he’s so cute! Anyway… Yeah the gaps in the music were terrible! You should never have silence in a Dmod unless there’s a reason…

Final Thoughts: Brilliant first go! I loved it!

Pro’s: Good First Try, Well done and the self criticism (Really adds some charm)
Con’s: The constant hallway knight fighting
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