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My name is Jesse and I'm sixteen. I have just recently joined the Dink Network and so far it is awesome. I am starting to make my first DMOD and I hope it will be great. I love music and when I'm not trying to make a video game (via Rpg Maker or DinkC) I have a rock band called Gravity that I play with. I plan on composing my own midis as well as using some Metallica midis.

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2005-04-05 01:58:42
Thank you!! I didn't know if anyone would actually help me there for awhile. I really appreciate the help!! In between earlier when I posted and now when I read your comment I have been tinkering with opening and editing the start files and the main.c file. I figured out some simple things like how to start with money, stats, exp, and higher lv's. I still didn't figure out how to start with a different weapon. In time, in time. I used to do RPG maker, this is tons better! If anyone else could help me with the other stuff that would rock! Thanks.

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