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September 18th, 2005
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant Male Australia
A collection of scripts that provide variations on the standard hearts, food and potion items. It includes a test dmod and new green potion graphics.

The scripts all do what they say they should.

The test dmod didn't extract into the correct folder - (I used Dfarc) and it created a "Treasury Test" folder that I had to rename to just "Treasury" to get to work.

Also I think the test dmod should've had some monster or device of pain to decrease you life, so you could test what each of the hearts/food would do.

Green potion wasn't bad, a bit dark for my taste, and it looked like it was just a green colorization of the entire graphic (cork and light green fizzy spray as well as bottle) and perhaps it would've been better just colorizing the bottle section. Sort of like what PQ has... which reminds me I should release the yellow, green and orange bottle graphics...

Overall 7.2 (a couple of points off for the test dmod not extracting, and not having the ability to decrease life to test the smaller hearts, etc, and a some more off for the dark green blunderbust approach to the graphic colorization)